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  1. Douwe Geluk
    Douwe Geluk
    Practising Tai Chi Chuan
  2. Dru Talley
    Dru Talley Don Prue
    Hello I was wandering if you think taekwondo is a useful martial art in a street fight ? And when I graduate from college I plan on joining an mma gym where I live. and learning bjj and becoming a black belt and eventually maybe fighting mma
    1. Don Prue
      Don Prue
      I like the mma school as a better choice than TKD. This martial arts will give you better insurance if you are in a street fight
      Oct 18, 2018
  3. Evarist Vella
    Evarist Vella
    Hey I run a series called Hammer Fist Mondays If you'd like here's the link to it :D https: //
  4. Douwe Geluk
    Douwe Geluk
    Tai Chi Apeldoorn, Bron van Geluk
  5. dmach
  6. Chaleira
    Wake up, Eat, Train, Work, Train, Eat, Watch T.V., Pass Out, Repeat!
  7. JoshuaTibbits
  8. Travis Daugherty
    Travis Daugherty
  9. fonzshaddocklyu
  10. Paul Kalutkiewicz
    Paul Kalutkiewicz Otto Pozzo
    Mr Pozzo. I am glad I found you. We had many battles in Roslindale. Remember two identicle twins Peter and Paul? I saw you post Old Man ... it really brought be back to how we trained so hard. i own a studio in NH and i talk about you and pass on to my students all that you have taught me....thought you might want to know. thank you!
  11. Fu-Fit
    Loïc Molla performed at the world-famous Cirque du Soleil and has been the French Kung-Fu and Taekwondo national champion 5 times
  12. Fu-Fit
    " Do not be afraid of improving slowly but to stop suddenly and if you didn't start yet, well, get started immediatly ".
  13. Blade Maker
    Blade Maker
    "Technique and leverage always defeat strength and size."
  14. tkdkick
    tkdkick Sabomnim Dan
    Hey mate! Nice to know you. I'm in Melbourne, too.
  15. tkdbbelt9
    Using Tapatalk
  16. dio
    Be formless! Believe at what you do!
  17. james chin
    james chin
    busy training ;)
  18. MadoreGojuRyu
    Happy, Healthy and loving life. Yes, things could be better, but I have a great wife and three extremely smart kids. AND, I train karate.
  19. liam
    liam Kevin
    I'm having a slight problem, don't know if it's the site or what. I can't like a post, it wont load and I can't see my alerts without opening it is a new page. they also won't load. Not sure if it's my computer or having some difficulties with the site. Everywhere else I go my computer is fine, but that doesn't really mean anything. Any help would be cool.
    1. Kevin
      I believe this was a problem with the design. It seems to be working correctly now :)
      Jul 6, 2014
  20. Masedaddy
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