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    The words here tell me you are telling us all what is right and what is wrong if I've misinterpreted this then that's my bad. As for the people on this forum, any experienced martial artist would be able to tell whether they know their stuff just by what they wrote and the manner in which they wrote it (yegods be lucky Enkidu didn't enter the fray). As someone with a lot of experience in my own particular area (okinawan tode) I both value and appreciate the input of the people here.

    I'm not here for a pissing contest John but my personal experience ranges to a recent engagement in the cage with a trained, experienced and bloody good fighter. Street experience (ranging from scuffles in my early and late teens to a couple attempted muggings over the last 4 years). I can appreciate your experience etc. but the manner in which you're putting your points across is leaving everything very open to negative interpretation.

    This I don't quite understand so I'll need clarification here. As far as I am aware shadow boxing is an exercise. Ninja is fairly generic a term and generally speaking anyone I've ever met from Ninjutsu schools aren't the sort of folks for just getting into an open scrap. Saying you've battered a woman even if she came at you implies you severely beat her. Regardless of situation that's not going to be taken in a very positive manner. and you'll also have to clarify the Aikido punch business as well, I simply don't understand what you're trying to communicate there.

    Be proud of your achievements but don't try and keep shoving them everywhere to justify yourself. There's a limit to what you can convey in text especially in martial arts but in this forum especially you'll rarely hear any of us broadcasting our grades, lineage or anything like that. We're not here to measure each others dicks, just share our experiences and knowledge.

    This I take rather personally. My own instructor wouldn't ever call himself such and that statement is pretty arrogant. Your life and everything you've done in it don't mean I or anyone else here owes you favour for it. The fact remains that here more than on any other martial arts forum you'll find you will be judged based the content of your posts. So when you're coming out with things we find unintelligible or downright bogus sounding we'll call you on them.
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    The biggest problem I have with this guy is his constant belittling of people, follow quickly by his self-boasting. Furthermore, I wish he would stop bringing up the fact that he has been in a mental institution as a badge of honor or a proof of skill, or whatever he keeps bringing it up for. Having been in an institution usually belies the fact that one cannot grasp reality well, in one way or another, not that they are the next octagon champion. All in all, he behaves in direct opposition to all of our ideas in the way that a martial artist should act.
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