5 Annoying Types of Martial Arts Students

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  1. TheWhiteTiger

    TheWhiteTiger Taoist Immortal

    That cover is just fantastic. Has martial arts just found it's own 50 shades I wonder...
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  2. Judah

    Judah fights in tights

    You guys had me cracked up! I choked on my cup-o-tea!
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  3. Judah

    Judah fights in tights

    50 shades of chi
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  4. Aaron Hutto

    Aaron Hutto Master

    Put the emphasis on all the vowels - elongate the words and do either a wink or a double eye brow lift after you say it.
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  5. Ben

    Ben Master

    just a little :p
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  6. Judah

    Judah fights in tights

    So wink, lift the brows and adopt an American accent??
  7. Judah

    Judah fights in tights

    I had this one lad, everytime you'd try to teach him a wrist lock, arm bar any kind of joint manipulation he'd say "but what if I turn like this or I do this or that or the other" after the umpteenth time I got annoyed, asked "when you learnt a rising block why didn't you ask 'what if the attack is a feint? When first showed a jab why not ask 'what if he gets out of the way'?" I've known a few like that, usually they've had a few months, maybe a year or so at one club/school/dojo and they come to a new place full of knowledge from the previous place which may have been a cometely different system. Like a boxer turning up at a judo club and saying "what if I punch you in the face?"
  8. Gone

    Gone Guest

    Thank god I aint any of them. I do show up to class a little early so I can get myself adjusted, in the "zone" and do some stretching/warm ups before class begins.
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