A Brief History of MMA - Part 3

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    Big thing were now in the works. Caliguri and Viola founded the World Martial Arts Fighting Association (WMAFC) to sanction competitors and rank fighters for what was to be a professional division of Super Fighters. They also drafted documents to franchise the league and began negotiating television contracts. Preparations were made for a national Super Fighters tour in 1981. in which they anticipated fifty such elimination events around the country, with Phoenix, Louisville, Rochester, Boston, and Philadelphia already being scheduled. The finales would be held in either Atlantic City or Las Vegas, with the championship match being broadcast live on network television and the winner awarded $100,000. Attorney James Irwin was retained to negotiate the television deal. Big-time (relatively speaking) sponsorship was now coming in.


    "Battle of the Tough Guys is a legitimate sport and not just a passing fad..." was the opinion given by Jim Isler of the News-Dispatch following their October event. It seemed as if nothing could stop Super Fighters from becoming the major sport that Caliguri and Viola had been certain it was destined to be.

    On November 6, the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission ordered CV Productions to cancel that evening's show in Greensburg. If they did not the PSAC threatened to have the police shut it down for them. Caliguri and Viola chose to ignore this command, confident that the Commission had no jurisdiction over their competitions. The shows went on as planned that weekend but now they had attracted the the attention of state officials. Not wishing to antagonize the commission any further they refrained from more shows until the matter could be sorted out. In the meantime they focused on their big plans for the next year.

    Disaster struck in March of 1981, when 23-year-old Ronald Miller was killed participating in a "Toughman" boxing competition in Johnstown. The name had come back to haunt them. Even though the event had no connection whatsoever to Super Fighters or CV Productions, Inc. most were unable to distinguish this fact and newspapers even mistakenly identified his death as having taken place in a "Tough Guy" competition. Miller's death and the outrage that followed led to the Pennsylvania Legislature launching an investigation into all fighting events.

    After careful consideration and considerable legal consultation,Viola and Caliguri put a hold on promoting events while they waited for the storm to pass. But there would be no lull. In 1983, the Pennsylvania State Senate passed a bill that specifically called for prohibiting Tough Guy contests or Battle of the Brawler constests. It would go on to define this to mean any competition in which individuals "attempt to knock out their opponent by employing boxing, wrestling, martial arts tactics or any combination thereof and by using techniques including, but not limited to, punches, kicks, and choking."

    After less than a year in activity and over 10 events held across the state of Pennsylvania, Super Fighters was no more. It would be over a decade before another promotion would try and bring an "Anything Goes" fighting league to the United States. They would succeed, giving birth to a new sport, while Mike Viola and Frank Caliguri and their Super Fighters would be forgotten having been too far ahead of their time.


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    I heard that the original Octagon was supposed to be in plexi-glass, but that there was too much glare for the cameras.

    Also, shouldn't this article mention the Gracie's connection to setting up the first UFC? Wasn't it basically their idea and didn't they put up the original purse (heck, Royce had already fought and beaten some of the competitors in the first two UFCs, right?)? Or is that stuff just urban legend?
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    That's interesting, I hadn't heard about that. Makes good sense, though.

    They were VERY involved in setting up the first UFC, but I was sort of shooting for the pre-history - everything up to the creation of the UFC.
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    nice article
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