A couple of videos of Freestyle fighters...

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    These fights were 4 years ago, but fun to look back on them! The first one is Bobby, he was about 37 at the time, and about a green belt (8th gup about). The next one is of Asa (in the white shorts), he was about 18, I think. Bob is testing for his black belt this year ( I think, if he has the time) and Asa is a 4th degree black belt now. He would have been 3rd at the time, I believe.

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    Jump to see the fight : 1st video 3m 47s ... green belt defeated 4th dan black belt ... sad.

    Been there before, around year 2000, Blue belt (me) vs someone at church karate camp who is 2nd Black Belt ... we sparred hard ... he never got points/contact at all or could not hit or kick me yet ... I am like (confused) I am untouchable ? ... that is when I started to noticed something is wrong here... when I was a beginner (white belt) and after I got hit on my nose ... ever since my primary goal is defending myself from getting contact/ahold ... I love every bit of it ... heck, no ... I am not perfect/excellent ... I just tend not to get any hit/kick/ahold ... its a thrill for me ... (laughing) (y)

    2nd video ... he got some fast kicks ...

    there is no bad students ... just bad teacher/trainer or possible student who still do not learned from mistakes ... smarter students learned from it and keep correcting the mistakes.

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