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    For inquiring minds, the title says it all. Below are a few good books to learn about capoeira! I'll stick to only posting the books that I personally own and have read, though there are several other books out there. If you have read any of these, or others that I have not read, please share here! Or if you know of any good ones that I probably should read!!
    As always, the best way to learn a martial art is to find a school and try it out, books though, as well as videos have their place.... so here goes:

    The Little Capoeira Book, by Nestor Capoeira-
    in-depth history of the Brazilian art, giving the most popular theories for the origins and purposes of the art. It discusses some of the most famous capoeristas and their influence on the art. In addition, he describes how the two major branches of capoeira (Angola and Regional) came about and the differences between them.

    Capoeira: Roots of the Dance-Fight-Game, by Nestor Capoeira-
    Is basically the sequel to the above title that goes more in-depth on the history. It discusses capoeira's evolution from Brazilian street play into a way of life. The philosophy of capoeira, and the practical and spiritual benefits of this philosophy, are also discussed. Instructions and exercises in intermediate and advanced skills take up where the author's previous book left off

    Capoeira Conditioning, by Gerard Taylor -
    Contains various exercises to build strength, agility, and stamina using capoeira movements and techniques

    Capoeira 100, by Gerard Taylor-
    The title says it all! A step by step guide to 100 techniques and 100 exercises for training in capoeira. It contains beginning, intermediate, and advanced sections with techniques suitable for students of all levels. It also contains 100 exercises, games and training drills to practice alone or with a partner and are so varied you can train 100 times without ever repeating the same drill! It also has a glossary in the back with 100 Portuguese terms used in capoeira as well as a Q&A section of common questions. This book is very detailed!

    Essential Capoeira, by Mestere Poncianinho-
    This book contains the philosophy and history of the art. Basic moves and training combinations. Ground movements, strengthening exercises, and advanced acrobatic skills. The importance of music and how to play the game. And in the back, a glossary; as well as a world wide contact list of various capoeira groups!

    Check them out!!!

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