A review of the CIA's "A Study in Assassination"

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    Recently there was a thread that invoked the name of a supposed CIA assassination manual, whereupon the collective black belt forums community rose up to call giant, steaming piles of horse crap. I, however, being perversely intrigued at the idea of the existence of this supposed manual on assassinating individuals, asked the person who cited it to send me a copy. He did so, and I read it, and I am now publishing my findings, as some of you asked.

    It is more of a pamphlet than a book, and claims to be originally written circa 1954 as part of an investigation of options to deal with Guatemala because the government was planning an overthrow of the local government. As such, it mentioned the fact that the U.S. should not consider assassination as a viable method of enacting policy, although it would be possible to consider allowing affiliated rebel groups and the like to do so. It then discusses various definitions, then launches in to a detailed description of theoretical methods, tools, and goals served by using the various combinations thereof, as well as the limitations of each. All in all, I thought it was a possibility that this was originally a CIA document published around the same time as it claimed to be, but as a manual for assassination, I have to balk at the notion. That's simply not what this is. This is more of a commander's handbook on employing assassins than anything else. Those are my thoughts.
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    At least you read it huh?

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