Advancement of challenged students

Discussion in 'The Instructors Room' started by Tom Crane, Oct 2, 2021.

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    New to the forum so here goes. I am currently 4th Dan Tang Soo Do and have a student who has been training for about 15 years with us. Coming close to advancing to 4th Dan. Complicating factors are he has Cerebral Palsy and is somewhat limited. Effort and attitude are great, but I/we are not sure he can truly instruct and demonstrate the finer points. Any others with similar experiences? Any advice or suggestions welcomed. Thanks in advance.
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    Hey Tom,
    I love your inspiration and love for your training.!! You should keep your focus on one thing.. I recommend you to read Blogs and learn more things about your Training. This would be helpful for you.
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    Can this person teach? Can they use someone else to display physical skills and breakdown the subject matter? Can they audibly/emotionally engage students and make them want to come to class?
    I have had people up and down the scale of physical ability. Some of the most physically talented could not teach another person how to chew gum. Others who were severely disabled were truly infectious and great at teaching curriculum.
    The most notable is a man who was born with one leg stubbed below the knee and the other just above the knee. Yes, much of what he does is different. But he more than overcomes this in other ways.
    For me, this would be a 'bigger picture' moment.

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