Anderson Silva - Leg Break

Discussion in 'Mixed Martial Arts' started by Kuyaken, Dec 30, 2013.

  1. Kuyaken

    Kuyaken Karate for the streets not just for trophies

    Viewer Discretion needed.

    Many many "reasons" why this happened, even Bas Rutten has said its due to him kicking wrong

    What are your thoughts on this?

    For me its Career End, once fit to concentrate on training NEW champs into the Cage of UFC etc
  2. Sneaker

    Sneaker Warrior Monk

    all i can say is silvia did the bad aiming (should be aiming for mid-thigh) and probably already abused his leg during training before fight.

    he is not the only one broke his own leg.
  3. Dave76

    Dave76 Deheuol Gwyn Dragon

    Just like a good punch, your limb is at it's fastest when relaxed and ending in a snap! Tensing the muscles at the last possible millisecond, which not only put's the bang into your blow, but also serves to protect the bones structure that it surrounds and supports.
    Silva's aim was just fine, it was Weidmans perfectly timed leg check that also brought his knee up and caught Silva's leg before he could tense his muscle to protect his leg. Catching it just below his own knee, he not only caught Silva's leg un-tensed but checking it with probably the strongest, more rounded part of his shin, against Silva's weakest area where the shin is bladed and narrow.
  4. MattCMMA

    MattCMMA Master

    Mr. Rutten almost a year earlier made this video and explains why Silva broke his leg.
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  5. Sneaker

    Sneaker Warrior Monk

    CC on this seems more correctly words than most I have seen.

    Good point...
    ... just like 2 by 4 wood :)
  6. Kuyaken

    Kuyaken Karate for the streets not just for trophies

    that's the video I was looking for
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  7. MattCMMA

    MattCMMA Master

    You actually reminded me of it. I remember seeing it when he originally released the video. It's hard to find because its a single account with just that video on it.
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  8. Eric Dufurrena

    Eric Dufurrena The Iron Fist of Fun

    Master Ken instructing Anderson Silva. Fun stuff!
  9. Pedro

    Pedro Baek Doo San

    I say he had a pact with the devil.
    he was all superman and everything the starts losing and breaks his freaking shin.
  10. Jovan

    Jovan Disciple

    I feel bad for him. He had a very good career and he maybe ended it with something really bad
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  11. Kuyaken

    Kuyaken Karate for the streets not just for trophies

    I broke my tib & fib playing Rugby ( like American football but without all the padding) ended my Rugby career but found martial arts instead
  12. Aaron

    Aaron Shadow Warrior

    He could come back to the UFC, just depends on how they repair the bone ( plates or rods ). I would guess that he would not be able to train MMA for at least a year, start fighting again maybe in 2 years.
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  13. Void_Karateka

    Void_Karateka Pauper Karateka

    I had a look at the doc's void on UFC website the other day. It's a titanium rod straight down the tibia and screwed in. He decided not to fix the fibula in place since it could heal properly on its own. Respect for the rugby Kuyaken, it's a hard game, must have been a corker of a smash to take an injury like that.
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