Anyone else here into BBQ'ing?

Discussion in 'Healthy Eating & Nutrition' started by Enkidu, Jun 24, 2012.

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    True BBQ takes time. The process cannot be rushed. Low and slow makes the meat tender by melting the connective tissue. You typically need to keep the temperature between 225-275. Gas grills have a hard time getting that low. Plus you can get a true smoke flavor with charcoal. Charcoal grills also can get hotter than gas which makes them better for steaks and the like where you want a good sear. That said, gas grills are convenient and much quicker to get up to temperature than charcoal which can take 20-30 minutes.
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    need an advice for making oats tasty .... not much of a BBQ .... just tasty enough to gulp it in ... !!!
    i cant even eat more than 2 teaspoonful of white oats :banghead: :banghead:
    some quick recepies please .... :whistle:
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    God, where do you get ribs like that?? They're worthy of Man v Food!! Here in the UK, there's barely any meat on "Spare Ribs" and for what you pay, the actual amount of meat on them is probably more expensive than T-Bone, pound for pound.
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    I've just hit a cutting stage in my training and I happen upon this!? Yegods you tempt me man!

    Seriously though I wish I could afford those kinds of meats. The UK is one of the worst places in the world for food, especially meat, it's too bloody expensive!
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    Awesome Q'n knowledge here. Thanks for the info, any more resources you may have Enkidu, I would be definitely interested in checking out. I've been Q'n for about a year or so, just got into it really.
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    i have fire going for the 4

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