Anyone practiced 'ONLY' kata for years??

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    My karate style is called wado ki kai in SF Bay Area. We primarily learn kata (weapons forms too, sai and staff). We spar from time to time, about 3% of total class time, and pad work about 8%? There is some interpretation of kata, but very very little application, and never against a resisting opponent. I'm hoping to hear from anyone who also has had this type of class, and if it's mattered for them in terms of effectiveness -- self defense, sparring in general, etc.

    I'm well aware of the many arguments against training kata without true application (against resisting partner, etc), but never have I heard from someone who has had my experience (or perhaps trained even longer), and felt a bit cheated after years (I've been training for 5+ years) of study.

    I will say, what keeps me coming back to this class is the amazing amount of technique of my instructors, and the emphasis and knowledge of foundation. I took judo for a year, and must say I was impressed by my ability to pick up the forms and footwork, having such a great sense of movement that I learned from my karate. So it definitely has served me well. But I'm at somewhat of a crossroads, where I will receive black belt in about 6 months, and would like to try something else, such as MMA, where I get more training in boxing, ground work, takedowns, and the combination/mixture of all three. But perhaps that's not necessary?



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