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    One of my friends is good friends with a guy who won TUF a few years ago and while they were driving, some dude in another car had a road rage incident and got out of his car and approached my friend and the TUF champ. This was right after that year's season. Upon seeing who it was and being told, "this isn't going to end well for you" the guy thought better of it and got back in his car a lot more sheepishly than he left it and sped off.
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    I love those kinds of stories - it shows how full of hot-air most aggressive types are. Too bad the guy didn't ignore the warning - I would like to have heard the result.
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    Yes, Sokaku Takeda is one dude I would not want to tangle with if I lived when he did.
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    Guarantee 11th degree blackbelt in 11days or money back guarantee.
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    Another way to look at difference between Jutsu and Do is " what is the difference between punches from Mike Tyson and cardio boxing?"
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    Yeah, but that's not a logical construct ...better to say "what is the difference between punches from Mike Tyson and listening to a philosophy lecture".

    All kidding aside, you really cannot compare the two - they are different stages of evolution, with different purposes. They share common ground but they also have their own paths to follow.
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    Hahaha. I love the philosophy lecture analogy.
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    That's how I see it, anyway. I was taught that a "do" was what a retired "jutsu" guy did. :D
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    Sounds about right for me then :)
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    I guess I do Taijido then ... :smug:
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    Well, to be pedantic and linguistically correct, Do means way, just like Tao. Jutsu means "the art of" or "technique of".

    For example, (let's choose a cheesey one), Drifting (car drifting) techniques can read Dorifto-Jutsu (Dorifto - Japanese pronunciation of drift).

    Now, someone like Keiichi Tsuchiya, who is a Drift-king (Dori-kin in Japanese) might see drifting car as a way of life because well..... he has been at it for so long (retirement not actually necessary, but he has been at it pretty much his whole life). Therefore, for Dori-kin , drifting is much more than hobby, much more than technique, but instead it has become a way of life influenced by drifting. Therefore to him, drifting is Dorifto-Do.
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    Well done! (y)

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