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    I've been getting links to BBF over facebook for awhile. I like some of what I see and I'm finally here.
    About me:
    I've been introduced to a number of different arts and fighting styles such as SCA hardsuit (I've also heard it called heavy list), kempo, aikido, taekwondo, Tai Chi, boxing, kung fu, and currently bushi natahn (a new style). I might be leaving a few out. I studied some more than others (thus the word intruduced). I have blacked in none, although someone once tried to give me a black belt and I eventually put it down as I felt the promotion was not done for the right reasons. It used to be really important to me that I get a black belt in something. Maybe its just my mood these days, but it seems a little less imperative, especially since it looks like if i just continue down the current path I'll have one eventually anyway. I also have taken several college classes pertaining to the human body as I am an exercise science major and former nursing student.
    My strengths are speed, striking, resisting going to the ground, knowledge of human anatomy, and light free-form sparring. My ground game is improving and, although I still don't think that is where the fight should be (particularly if there is more than one opponent) , its good to have a rounded tool box.
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    Again, welcome. You're still quite young and it would be a great idea to improve your ground game, in particular if you like to stay on your feet in a fight. This paradox was covered quite succinctly by Eric Dufurrena recently in another thread...
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