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Discussion in 'Boxing' started by DeeD, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. Caneman

    Caneman Test all things.

    Very little of the force you generate with a stick or a sword is related to your strength. That is a physics discussion. If the weapon is a war hammer, or a claymore... well ok. But if I handed you a bo staff, I would give you 5-6 seconds of survival time with a 90 pound 3rd Dan woman I know.
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  2. DeeD

    DeeD Nak Muay

    Females are generally not the same weight and strength as male counterparts, average female is way lighter than the average male. Do you have any females the same weight and strength as you in training ? We have 1 out of the 300 odd students we have that can compete physically and she weight trains everyday as a supplement to her training, and is 6 foot and 75kg so not your average by any stretch

    So what I am saying realistically it almost always stacks physically in a guys advantage, So backing up a verbal claim physically is not the norm for a female whereby go out any night of the week and you will see that the reverse holds true for men, so its not a "sexist" based comment its a reality based comment
  3. RJ Clark

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    Because it can bring people out of their comfort zone with a smack of reality they might think it's "offensive" and I'm definitely OK with that. ;) I can make the parallel for engaging in a war of attrition and with the new blood. Sure I can still do that if I choose and will bang them up. But I won't be able to keep doing that every day (consecutively ad infinitum) as my body doesn't have the same Wolverine-like healing factor that it did when I was younger. That can be a hard pill to swallow for us old lions, but the reality is that we have to take that into consideration when we train and fight. Just as women have to take into consideration the physical advantages that a man will likely have when they engage them in a fight/sparring/training/self defense.
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  4. Caneman

    Caneman Test all things.

    So well put for an old man. :)
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  5. Caneman

    Caneman Test all things.

    Specifically I have to say I loved this quote. And, healing after that knee hyper-extension I feel more like Captain America 70 years later (when he awoke after the plane crash)... finally healing. And, now I wear my Ironman armor over that knee to be safe.
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  6. Sneaker

    Sneaker Warrior Monk

    I can understand that ... safety first
  7. Judah

    Judah fights in tights

    Yes generally females are physically weaker. But 'generally' isn't always. Making a definite rule that says 50% of the population is exempt from any specific responsibility just because of their sex, IS sexist.
    Your comment may have been based in reality but that doesn't mean it isn't sexist.

    I'm not arguing that women are physically equal to men, although there are small and weak men just as there are big and strong women. I'm simply saying having one rule for one gender and another for the other is discrimination based on gender... which is sexism.
  8. Judah

    Judah fights in tights

    I agree, I also don't have the same recovery, speed or even stamina I used to have. Also since I've been a fatboy (heavyweight) I seem to be fighting guys much much bigger than I. My only choice is to either lise weight or figure out how to overcome the massive physical advantages of my opponents..
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  9. Judah

    Judah fights in tights

    Yeah but if I were an untrained guy getting in the ring with a trained 90lbs female boxer he'd also have very little chance..
    I'm always the first to say that size/strength isn't the be a end all of power/force generation as the hardest strikes I've ever taken have been from a guy 30kg (66lbs) lighter than I. Having said that the bigger one is the bigger stick one can carry increasing range and of course mass which would affect force....
  10. DeeD

    DeeD Nak Muay

    well force = mass x acceleration , so slower heavy guy vs quicker smaller guys could equal similar force generation.

    Its more than generally take a look at olympic level lifting so the pinnacle of sporting
    Females 63kg
    Snatch115 kgHanna Batsiushka[​IMG] Belarus2004 Athens18 August 2004
    Clean & Jerk135 kgNataliya Skakun[​IMG] Ukraine2004 Athens18 August 2004
    Total245 kgMaiya Maneza[​IMG] Kazakhstan2012 London31 July 2012

    62 kg
    Snatch153 kgKim Un-Guk[​IMG] North Korea2012 London30 July 2012[2]
    Clean & Jerk177 kg├ôscar Figueroa[​IMG] Colombia2012 London30 July 2012[2]
    Total327 kgKim Un-Guk[​IMG] North Korea2012 London30 July 2012[2]

    Snatch137 kgHalil Mutlu[​IMG] Turkey2000 Sydney16 September 2000
    Clean & Jerk168 kgOm Yun-Chol[​IMG] North Korea2012 London29 July 2012[1]
    Total305 kgHalil Mutlu[​IMG] Turkey2000 Sydney16 September 2000

    men even at the lower weight class lift well above there female counterparts, because of additional testosterone as well as skeletal structure its a fact its not a sexist remark, women are weaker physically but if thats the way you see it thats your prerogative, Something based in reality doesn't make it sexist
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  11. Judah

    Judah fights in tights

    I never actually argued that. My point was that having a rule that applies to only one sex is sexist.

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