Back to kung fu after some years

Discussion in 'Fresh Meat (Introduce Yourself)' started by Dan Argerich, Jan 14, 2017.

  1. Dan Argerich

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    Hi guys, I started training northern shaolin (beishaolin traditional kung fu) again a month ago after not training for a few years. It definitely feels great and I'm not sure why I stopped in the first place (life, family, work, studies, money, kids, excuses? lol)
    I'm 35 years old, and I've exercised since as far back as I can remember. What I've been doing all this time that I did not train martial arts per se is, stretching, calisthenics, jogging, etc. I'm glad I did because coming back to martial arts classes was not that tough :hat:
    There's tons of great info and people in here so I'll get to reading! (and training... :D )
  2. Jack-Bjj-Kungfu

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    Wow very nice, i also practise Kungfu Hung Gar system.
    There is a guy near where i live who is teaching a system called Ng Ying Kungfu something bases on 5 animals.
    Want to check that out as an extra.

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