Bagua + Taiji guy; ex Xingyi, MMA, Kendo, TKD

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    Hello, fellow martial artists!

    I'm Alvin from Singapore and I practise Ma Weiqi Bagua and Yang Taiji under Guo Shilei of China. Also did some Wu2-derived Taiji with a different gent for a time.

    Before this, going backwards chronologically, I practised Shanxi Xingyi for 5-6 years, did a couple of years of Kendo, mixed it up with people from various styles (including Judo, BJJ, and Muay Thai) for a bit, did some hard qigong (haha), and was a Taekwondo instructor.

    I'm primarily interested in the combative aspects of martial arts and am usually keen to spar or push a bit with anyone. I've been out of practice the last couple of years though!

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