Best Martial Arts for Self Defence

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  1. johnnewman

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    In My Opinion, Bjj is the best Martial Arts, as it helps in learning followings:

    • Self Discipline

    • Goal Setting

    • Listening

    • Focus

    • Confidence

    • Self Esteem

    • Team Work

    • Conflict Resolution

    • Self Defense

    • Individual Achievement

    • Gender Equality

    • Weight Control

    • No Season BJJ is year round

    • Athletic Development
  3. Master of Nothing

    Master of Nothing Psychotic Pacifist

    Having a background in personal protection, doorman, and other security work . Along with experience in NBH.
    I will agree that BJJ is a great skill set. It is just the base level of Ground Fighting. Great for learning Leveraging, Positioning, and Choking/Locking. But, systems like Sambo and Chin Na also teach techniques that would get you Disqualified from MMA tournaments. Which are the techniques you want for self defense.
    Honestly a Combatives System like SCARS, MCMAC, Krav Maga (basic Israeli system)) & Kupap (advanced Israeli system) would be far better for Immediate Self Defense Value. All of which do cover grappling. For Escaping the Ground and Rapid Neutralization.
    Flaws of BJJ:
    1) Most fights do not go to the ground. Any Youtube search will disfuse that lie.
    (A LIE from the Gracies, by quoting a LAPD report of Use of Force during Arrest Situations. The GROUND being the best position to Cuff someone.)
    2) All of the things "Taught-Out of Beginners" are effective for neutralizing the positioning of your grappling opponent. The Elbows, Knees, Claws, Gouges, and everything else a BJJ coach says are "White Belt Habits", are the same techniques to want to have. After you have a firm grasp of their Base Level system.
    Coaches say things like "White Belt Habits" (meaning the elbows, claws, etc.) is not for improving you ability to Fight.
    It is for Safety on the mat. While learning all the Base Level techniques.
    Unfortunately because BJJ is really JUDO and not a child of authentic Jujitsu. AND the fact that all the mention techniques are Painful. BJJ coaches don't "Re-Teach" those "white belt habits". For the same reason more BJJ schools stopped teaching TAKEDOWNS.
    To limit the number of students dropping out. Just like Karate, TKD, and other systems stopped teaching such techniques.
    ANd it is a sign of how Brazialian Judo is being watered down and overly commercialized, like the other styles.

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