BJJ instructor slaps student

Discussion in 'Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu' started by Kevin, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. Sherratt

    Sherratt Disciple

    on the next video that last techniques just dirty :sneaky:
  2. Enkidu

    Enkidu Destroyer of your martial arts fantasies

    Getting hit in the nuts = bag-tagged
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  3. Blade Maker

    Blade Maker Master

    bag-tag = groin slap
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  4. Master of Nothing

    Master of Nothing Psychotic Pacifist

    Odd. I get annoyed with students if they don't have a strong grip.
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  5. Master of Nothing

    Master of Nothing Psychotic Pacifist

    Agreed. Even when going step by step. I have the student use agrip "Like you mean it.". The first step in the explaination is to redirect their "point of attention". Relating to the body typeof attacker. Sometimes I do slap or exploit a weak area (mainly with blackbelts-I always warn them first and never super hard). This demonstrates that even with prior warning, there is still going to be a level of distraction that can loosen the grip alittle. Even if its a small percentage. Next is breaking down the mechanics of the grip (I let them rest if I get long winded)-i.e. leverage and nerve centers. When demonstrating this part I only use 'instructional pain", enough to react, not enough to damage or be overwelming. After that we reset or I use another student for the next section of the technique, and so on until the full technique is displayed. When they pair off, we once again go step by step to allow the students to control the intensity of the drill pertaining to the body type of their partner. They always start with a same to near same sized partner, for a point of reference. After they get comfortable with the technique (and their partner). We rotate and start over. This time the body types won't match and they learn to modify the technique according to the new dynamic. Then we rotate again. This repeats until every student has faced each other, regardless of size difference. Once they are back to their original partner, if they are comfortable with. We repeat again, working on the fluidity of the technique. Finally, we work on it at full "class intensity" for those comfortable.
  6. Battodoka07

    Battodoka07 Warrior Monk

    Seems like this video is traveling the interwebs again. BTW that brown belt is Kit Dale. The purple belt calls out his name in the beginning. You should see the comments on FB no one knows it's a joke. And the insults between commentators just become absurd.
  7. Vldz

    Vldz Warrior Monk

    Really? That seems very realistic. I want to watch to whole thing. Do you have the link?
  8. Vldz

    Vldz Warrior Monk

    Anthony. With all due respect, in some arts such as Karate, BJJ and many other, there are movements that if being applied with full force and proper intent... will actually result in the death or at least permanent disability of the opponent.

    If all Sensei or Sifu simply "go-at-it", the Dojo is no longer a Dojo, it will be called "grave" for the student. And the students will not become a better fighter, they will be dead.
  9. The Wooden Boy

    The Wooden Boy Initiate

    The teacher was in his right to slap that guy...though he should have kept it calm and set up a choke hold, and then told him to sit in the corner facing the wall. That guy was just being a prick and trying wear a face of 'no I'm not'. He needed to have his ears boxed.
  10. The Wooden Boy

    The Wooden Boy Initiate

    Actually, in the context of a comedy series, that could pass for funny, too.
  11. SifuPhil

    SifuPhil Lucky Cat Is Lucky

    So if this is indeed a scripted comedy clip, does that mean that BJJ has been taken one step closer to WWE? o_O
  12. DeeD

    DeeD Nak Muay

    u can see something is amiss the way the 2 guys in the beginning point in unison to the guy in white with a little grin, like they knew what was about to happen.

    well between Eddie Bravos "altercations" with Renato Leranja that are scripted and this seems like u may be onto something
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