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Discussion in 'Grappling Martial Arts' started by Alwi, Feb 20, 2013.

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    `look he is completely right from the perspective of mental game is hugely important and It seems more from a sports psychology perspective but I dunno i get that whole tv infomertial vibe from it though. Also check out his credentials see if he has had any psychology training etc
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    Here's his bio (from his site) - nothing about academic schooling. And yeah, it IS an infomercial - $197 worth.

    He's a kid. A kid who belongs to one of those martial arts business associations. the "MMA Millionaires Consulting Group", which in turn is owned by Lloyd Irvin, who recently disavowed charges that he knew that two of his students were involved in a rape outside his training facility and that his school fosters that kind of attitude ...
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    I heard about that story wasnt sure it was the same group of people, wow dodgy
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    Yeah, I mean, I don't want to condemn the guy without knowing all the facts, but from what the (unreliable) media tells us he's stuck in the middle, whether he's innocent or guilty.
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    Personally I am always sceptical about stuff like this. I tend to give things like this a wide birth and if it transpires that he does know of his students having that kind of attitude then that's even more reason to give this a miss.

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