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Discussion in 'Martial Arts Films & Videos' started by Bruce, Jul 26, 2012.

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    Memories memories.
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  4. perennius

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    this is the movie along with " kung fu" that got me deep into studying martial arts after finishing high school
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  5. Fin Smith

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    Ed Speilman, who created/wrote Kung Fu, also wrote a fascinating book on "The Mighty Atom" Joe Greenstein, possibly the last/greatest Strongman. At 5' 4" and 140lb, Greenstein could break nails and coins with his teeth; bend/break iron bars with his chest; and hold back airplanes with a rope tied to his hair! Fascinating man who was/is still years ahead in his belief of the power of his mind over the physical restrictions of his body's abilities.
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  6. DharkAwakening

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    When "Kung Fu - The Legend Continues" came out I was 'FINALLY' happy that the damn series had some Fighting in it! BUT. The Original Series, in terms of story & lesson, was Absolutely Fantastic. If the series had been released as a series of written texts I'd've bought them by the Truckloads. People only pay attention to the outwardly obvious 10% of punching & kicking when they 'see' Kung Fu & tend to forget the other 90% behind it, of philosophy, psychology, anatomy, physics, spirituality, etc.
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  7. Deborah

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    BUT........I have gotta say would have been a hell of a lot better with Bruce Lee in the role!!
    602412_10150911860036962_1308708901_n.jpg Peace, love and respects Bruce and all XXXxxXXXxxXXX
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  8. Bruce

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    you got that right!, thats why he left the states
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  9. Deborah

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    Oooooft I luv ya man!!;)
  10. Fin Smith

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    Didn't he (Bruce) say somewhere that he pitched the idea to the studios, but was rejected/forgotten? Would have been different, but worked well with David Carradine showing the softer more spiritual/philosophical side.
  11. Bruce

    Bruce Samurai

    BL was rejected for the part because at that time the studios did not believe that the viewing public would accept an asian in a lead role. But after his success in the movies more roles for asians opened up in the television & movies industry beyond the stereotype, so his impact goes far beyond the MA.
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  12. Sensei Martin

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    I actually remember crossing the street at Yonge and Dundas years ago (Kung Fu: The Legend Continues was filmed in China Town in Toronto) and seeing David Carradine also walking my way. I recognized him right away, and we exchanged smiles, and it was strange as he seemed to have the same, calm & quiet presense as he protrayed on TV.

    My Sensei / Sifu had told me that David Carradine never did actually receive any formal training in martial arts what so ever.

    Funny how Hollywood works, eh?

    Kung Fu: The Legend Continues

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