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    I Think Reading articles and Blogs relating to this would be a better option. The thread you've just share is just awesome!! I have also some points in mind about this!! As much as the Training is an important aspect for beginners, diet also have some importance in that. It depends on your weight and how long you've been eating before the battle. Expect to be gassed in the first round if this is your first fight, regardless of how fit you are. You should have a high-protein, complex-carbohydrate meal around 6 hours before. A steak and rice with vegetables and pasta with meat is also a good option. Protein takes roughly 6 hours to digest and becomes accessible in your muscles for fuel, plus you have time to recover from the heaviness. Anything hot should be avoided because indigestion is the last thing you want. About 2 hours prior, eat extra carbs with a light seasoning of salt. Granola bars, a smoothie, and nuts are all good options. You should hydrate after weigh-ins to avoid muscular cramps; taper it down as fight time approaches.

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