Budokon: Extreme Yoga or Wimpy Martial Art?

Discussion in 'Articles' started by SifuPhil, Sep 29, 2012.

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    Looks like slowed down capoiera with some Hollywood "chop-socky krotty" poses thrown in to appease the big money crowd. I can see the yogic benefits as far as flexibility and such, but a little too touchy-feely-hugatree-e for me! ; )
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    Anytime you would like to get touchy-feely-hugatree on the mat with me I'll be happy to obliged. Osu.
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    Sifu Phil I found this comical dialogue you created just recently and felt compelled to respond, even though it is 3 years old. Normally black belts of any lineage show a high degree of respect towards one another, and don't "cast stones" as you like to say. But since you felt obliged to throw a rock at my window I'd like to return it. I'm going to skip over a long diatribe of me defending my work in place of an old school approach. You question my style, my skill, my work, my ethics nestled inside your little school in your little office on a blog? I invite you to bring your person to my academy anytime so you can have a thorough lesson on manors sir. Then you can write about the effectiveness of my style from personal experience. At this point it would appear you are simply another irrelevant and bitter old guy with sifu in front of his name who derives some sad pleasure by sitting behind a computer being critical about the way the world of martial arts is sadly changing in front of his old eyes. I imagine you simply don't feel important anymore, and your offering to the world of martial arts is a poorly written blog trash talking something and someone you literally know nothing about other than what you pieced together from the internet. That is the very definition of ignorance for anyone and more importantly a high ranking teacher. So i'll be patiently awaiting your acceptance of my offer, which will not come, because virtual reality is far safer for you sir. Osu.
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    Well, since I do not have first hand experience with this system, all I can do is give a first impression assessment of what I have observed so far. A couple people here had some very endorsing things to offer in previous comments, so that would be a plus. I jumped on the site, which must have changed a bit since Sifu Phil's first posting, so I cannot really supply an feedback on that particular review of Budokon.
    What I did see in a few videos on youtube and from the site, is what seemed like an interesting conditioning and Yoga system. I didn't see that much for sparring yet, just a couple videos of a Purple Belt (advanced in that system) sparring with a White Belt and I believe Cameron grappling with a white for their Red Belt (2nd level in that system). Obviously, both videos had two people taking easy on white belts, so I would have to check out more videos.
    From the website I scanned about 30 minutes ago (from typing this), there are some parts that are a bit "larger than life" claims for marketing. But, let's be honest, if you are marketing, you have to present some form of shameless self promotion. It's not in the realm of the humilty that are supposed to be part of the martial arts, but in the western world, the business end of running things, you have to get noticed. So, I can't assume to guess about ego or any of that.
    As for the use of "Kancho" as a title, "Kan" refers to "building", "house" (also "Ryu"), or "Gym" (Dojo) and "Cho" could refer to as "Head" or "Top", meaning "leader of", roughly (since their really isn't a direct form of translation from eastern to western languages, for the most part). So, I don't see anything wrong with that. I would have a problem with the use of "master", but I didn't find that on the site, although it was a quick scan.
    So, one one note, I could see some points Sifu Phil may have had about "mastery" of fighting arts, if I find that title being used, but I would have to look a further.
    One thing that sticks out, is that Cameron's system seem to be more fitness & wellness based, which I wouldn't mine checking out if I had the time or money. As for self defense or combat value from this system, I just don't know yet.
    Personally, what I REALLY like is this part of Cameron's reply:

    Not that I'm trying to push you two to scrap, nor I do not discourage it either (not my business). I do like the fact Cameron sent the challenge. I have left an open invitation for another member to step up and had a few fingers wagged at me on this forum for it. The point is, he is willing to put his money where his mouth is. If this was a Wood Sculpture or Rug Weaving forum, I would be against physical challenges, but it is Martial Arts (I.E. FIGHTING).
    For the record, I have picked up some interesting perspectives from Sifu Phil, and respect that he is an "Old Dawg" (similar to myself) so I can see where he is coming from, from the Old School POV.
    As for Cameron, I am happy he seems ready to "get dirty", if offended and that I would have to say that I am intrigued by his fitness program. I still would need to see two Black Belts Sparring/Rolling and any CQC drills to have a valid opinion on it's combat value.
    I'll keep checking it out and then I can drop some more feedback then.

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