Caitlin Sanders is a scam artist

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Cold Water, Feb 4, 2023.

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    Martial artists should be aware there's a scam artist named Caitlin Sanders. She poses as a "professional" photographer and tells dojos and competitive martial artists that she can photograph them and improve their business. She's fake. Caitlin is a sexy woman who uses her good looks to charm men into paying upfront. After she's done, she gives them these amateur pictures that were probably taken on her cell phone. I suspect she's been targeting martial artists because, let's face it, most martial artists are men.

    This website shows Caitlin Sanders's criminal record. Caitlin is a professional con artist.

    Don't be fooled by her good looks. Below is a picture of Caitlin so people can see what I'm talking about:


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