Can a high IQ make you a better performer?

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussions' started by Alwi, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. Michael Spivey

    Michael Spivey Warrior Monk

    So long as no one is confused concerning the claptrap about how school makes you SOOO much smarter or more intelligent when all school or education does is supposedly increase ones knowledge. I state "supposedly" because one must be able to retain or access and apply ones learned knowledge in-order for it to be a benefit. Intelligence (the ability to reason and think) is innate and is not affected by the information one acquires. One is capable of making better decisions the more one knows.
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  2. john2054

    john2054 Nearly graduate

    There is a clear difference between undergraduate education and highschool intelligence, if you ask me. What's more I would like to remind the readers of this site that emotional intelligence as propounded by Daniel G. in his epic book i referenced earlier, is a whole different kettle of fish again. It is like the difference between obeying an order and disobeying one on moral grounds like the great Bradley Manning did, gotcha!

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