Chinil Chang Hapkido 10th dan history 52 years

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    Please share my file.

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    There are no pictures:yuck:
  4. I tried to read through this and it was impossible. How can someone submit a full on attack and not even have any sort of writing comprehension. I saw this on other boards and this piece was roundly attacked and generally dismissed. I think this does great damage more to the person who wrote it then the person he attacks. This is also normal in the martial arts when the student doesn't get what he wants and suddenly the teacher becomes a horrible person. Sad to see. I would say sad to read but who could even read it.
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    The only one roundly attacking and generally dismissing this chronicle is you Destructautomaton.
    So don't complain about this chronicle. Also, please refrain from personal attacks as that is definitely a TOS breach.

    The chronicle: "The heir to the hapkido empire" Reads all student started to take notes for their future memoirs. Together all composed this chronicle. Chinil Chang knows we all would contribute and write it. So don't kill the messenger. We all stayed with Chinil Chang not to hurt him but to help him. We are all friends together including Chinil Chang. So say what you must. As you won't know what your talking about. "Ha haaaaa" The intention of this chronicle is simply the history not only of Chinil Chang but of all of us in trying times so make of it what you may. Chinil Chang is the best so beware to insult his students as you would be insulting him. Today we shared some time together and listened to Chinil Chang as he explains to us the encounters with the online forums. Acting like its the end of the world or sharks on their last meal. Then not knowing, they dare to asks for the meaning of “THE WAY” .

    Chinil Chang is very religious since learning christianity this way we stay. ha haaaa To be fair, within Hapkido circles, Chang Chin-il is a bit controversial. Hapkido grew very quickly from what Choi Yong-sool Dojunim had started teaching, and there was a lot of growth of different Kwans (especially under the influence of Ji Han-jae Dojunim and others), leading to quite a large amount of Hapkido schools all around the world in a fairly short amount of time. To have control over that could mean quite a bit of power (and money). For Choi Yong-sool Dojunim, as he got older, he wanted to pass on the head (Doju title) of the system... whether to consolidate the art or to make it into a tighter empire, who knows. It was splintering, with followers of the three major groups splitting and so on. Chang Chin-il was offered the title of 'Doju'. This was a bit controversial since he had been a short time student and wasn't as well known as some of the others. Some think the expectation was that since he was in NYC that it would help establish him as the top guy and lend more credibility to the creation of a world wide Hapkido organization and grow fabulously. It didn't. GM Chang really didn't get involved in growing (or teaching) the art beyond a small group of his own students. That's part of the reason, the 'Doju-ship" was offered to others as well (including Choi Dojunim's son). So... discussing GM Chang and 'Empire' and why this type of info could be of interest does actually fit in here. I think between the OP's weak English skills and the real specificity of interest in this slightly obscure Hapkido topic makes it seem irrelevant, but there are things of interest in it. Chinil Chang knew that we were writing the memoirs to set the record straight for all to know. As we told him and would remain with Chinil Chang and washed all of you grow to get to where you are today in hapkido. think of where were in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and so forth. what I wrote is simple facts that can be cross examine in the search sections of the internet WWW. I not accusing Chinil Chang of anything that isn't true as he is well aware of what is written. As for why the break away! thats simple I am retired and never intended to become part of the fragmented hapkido word with no unity. which is why we defragment Chinil Chang's hapkido history. so all of you can become greater then you already are as teachers and students alike. So for all who seek to join a martial art system to make the right choice and for all teacher to be the best there student could have. we apologize if any one was offended as this was not the intention. To present day Chinil Chang continues remind us how well we was trained by him. We as student knew all the incidents that had occurred with Chinil Chang and all knew that the chronicle would be written including Chinil Chang and we all would agree that he would still teach us very well and therefore striping the needs for certifications and belts. of which required 40 years of hapkido advance training with no belt certificates or names required. What mattered is that Chinil Chang is our master and only he knows the answer to your question about how Xman would be a master. I tend to look at the title as being "master instructor", which is someone as having spent time in an art, learned the art, passed on the art to others, brought people up to at least 1st dan (black belt), and is continuing to learn and share. This can take quite a long time. Read Taekwondo times mar. 1989 pages 53, thru 56 and learn about the video recording. Then you go back to black belt Aug. 1999 and read that and at the end of the article you will see that vincent was the writer for Chinil Chang as always. also the other students would like to reflect on your threat that thing are going to get worst. they are detective, correction officers, police officers, DEA, ECT. Of cause there are references to search for on the WWW to get most answer for my post and then not for others.

    OK no one ever received certificate even when they paid extra, Student would stay because Chinil Chang would say certification were not required and every one was the rank assigned by him. So all trained together some would quit, leave and others stayed. Then the ones that left would return and train again with hopes that Chinil Chang could have changed his ways. this was not the case, Chinil Chang always required payments to be cash only with no payment documentations of paper trails ever. As far as going to the police or court well, here's way our student were police, correction officers, doctors, lawyers, soldiers, photagrifers, writers ect.. As stated through out in the heir to the hapkido empire chronicle all student bonded to gather to learn all that Chinil Chang could teach and we grew up together regardless and without certificates. Now of cause we were children who saw that parent would not take actions against Chinil Chinil so what could we have done as children but to except our teacher way. So we all contribute to the madness and mess for decades, As no one is perfect but Chinil Chang take the cake. All of us share this with you in the chronicle including Chinil Chang as he is well aware of the wrongs his committed as he grew up with as from 7th Dan to 10th Dan. he gave way for the chronicle to be written. So don't blame the messenger as this is the truth of Chinil Chang shared by not one but all of his students. Yes we all keep in contact with each other as we were all part of the trying time and we even speak of what is going on here and elsewhere. As there not here to write but they do read these post. Right; Richard, John, John, Marie, Nathan, Jason, Carlos, Mark and all the others love Xman. now for one short time student purple belt Vincent an exspirenced writer he took up the task to be Chinil Chang's advocate for damage control and wrote many a the false with half truth history of Chinil Chang on Wikipedia, Black Belt Magazine and etc. Vincent is innocent of not knowing the truth because since he was not around from 1970 and becoming a student at the end of 1985 and left in 1986 missing the truth again from 1986 through present day 2017. Not knowing He wrote anything Chinil Chang dictated thinking it is the true history of Chinil Chang. So when article come out written by Vincent you can be sure Chang is up to no good again my Master.
  6. TOS??? I am offering my opinion. You keep posting the same nonsense on every forum. Get a proofreader or a spell checker. I mean--what the hell. Its unreadable. And what is your rank and background and what extensive research did you do outside of....I am the most knowledgeable of all men???? It seems you don't want to hear anything that opposes your own limited myopic point of view on any forum.
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    Your dream of evolving into a forum terrorist is showing.
  8. Funny a person spreading slander and hearsay is calling someone a "terrorist". Look in the mirror and you will see a terrorist and a lost soul. You are also a bully trying to push your way through. Grow up you are too old to be acting like a child.

    Most importantly, learn how to write correctly. Maybe someday someone will take your words and your claims more seriously. You are just making a fool and a joke out of yourself the more you speak and write. Its obvious for more reasons than one why you are 40 year white belt.
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    Thanks for continuing reading my post it shows your interest, and help other to go back and read it again. Also stop crying it looks like your a bad person. go to church and ask for forgiveness. your evil continues to speak out. whats next.
  10. My interest is in looking at the rantings of a proven psychopath who threatened to kill himself after getting thrown out by the teacher for sucking at the art. Thats the reality. Look in the mirror and face yourself. You are the very terrorist and your writing sucks. I can't read anymore of it. Hopefully, you no longer consider yourself a "martial artist" Mr. white belt.
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    Well here you are again thanks keep it going.
  12. Typical delusional white belt. All ego. Same BS responses you put up on the other sites. You can't see or even understand the reality of this. Not keeping it going --exposing a fraud and that is you. You need a psychiatrist--don't worry about martial arts--get the serious help you need before its too late. Anybody who threatens to kill himself from getting thrown out of a class needs some serious, serious help. Like I said your career hopefully as a so called martial artist is over and all you have now is your so called childish rants and expose to live with. You stood training for three decades of training for what reason -- to satisfy your frail ego with a belt??
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    keep it up! every one is reading your made up misinformation for you have no clue of what your writing about. As DOJU Master Chinil Chang warned us about people like you. There is no and never will be any animosities between Grand Master Chinil Chang, myself and all of our other student. So ask him if you dare. Ho you don't even know him or any of us.
    So keep rattling away like the devils snake and bite his apple for your misinformation. As everyone will be wanting to know why are you making up this crap. Master Chinil Chang awaits 1st in line and yes we are trolling. today we spent time together in church. while you listened to satan for misinformation to write about. what now! ho here's your name from the other forum where you write the same crap as (jaggernautico)
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    We feel sorry for you so get help talk to Master.
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    Thats why your questions are not answered because your making up your owned crap and using anything we say. Ttwisting it in your own words to get attention so stop asking.
  16. You are the very problem inherent in martial arts today--a nobody who wants to be somebody. You are a worthless talentless 40 year white belt. You can't even answer a question. Get the help you need. Nobody is going to believe anything you say. You are a joke. It's funny exposing you. Forum after forum--your credibility sinks with every word you speak.
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