Classical Bujutsu

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussions' started by Scorpion Ninja, Feb 28, 2014.

  1. Scorpion Ninja

    Scorpion Ninja Grasshoppa

    Has anybody taken Classical Bujutsu?
    Is it like Kendo with Bokken & Armour?
  3. Battodoka07

    Battodoka07 Warrior Monk

    There are many different Koryu (classical) styles. You can start here

    Weapons training vary depending on the school. And it is not like Kendo, Kendo is a modern sports art derived from Kenjutsu.

    If you choose any style focused on Kenjutsu be prepared to practice kata over and over again. Some styles also practice Tameshigiri (test cutting). Do some research and watch some youtube vids to find out what appeals to you.

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