Could You Make Your Own Weapons?

Discussion in 'Weapons' started by SifuPhil, Jun 27, 2012.

  1. Blade Maker

    Blade Maker Master

    Thanks, now i have an excuse for a shameless plug to the weapons i make:
    the weapons are all over my pics in my profile. I can pull, refine and mix metal from the ground, select and shape wood, craft bows and arrows. Set game traps that will drop human sized creatures. Most usefully in that scenario i can hide and pick off my enemies at a distance.
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  2. WonderingFist

    WonderingFist Disciple of Mind

    Everything is a weapon. With enough creativity and brutality, you don't need to 'make' anything.

    "Watch as I kill someone with these speakers, a butter knife and an incense burner!" hahaha
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  3. Blade Maker

    Blade Maker Master

    i can help you put together a cheap forge, i have had to make my own and there are lots of ways to avoid costs, shoot me a chat if you are interested.
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  4. Blade Maker

    Blade Maker Master

    Yeah, that's what i am sayin' to, first place i would hit is a pharmacy... Antibiotics are more valuable than gold
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  5. arron butler

    arron butler Fist of Fury

    I don't carry weapons around with me,because of the laws in this country.I was taught that weapons are all around you to use if you need them like i.e a lamp post, brick wall, anything loose with a bit of weight to i could make a weapon if i wanted to.As long as i didn't get nicked i.e arrested for But it's o.k for muggers or gang members to carry weapons around to threaten or use them on people.I guess i will just have to use parts of my body as weapon.lool
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  6. Blade Maker

    Blade Maker Master

    can you carry mace-spray ?
  7. arron butler

    arron butler Fist of Fury

    No, but i would use anything available to me.Or just try to knock them out quickly,and get away fast.Just in case the police thought that i was the
  8. Aaron

    Aaron Shadow Warrior

    Now I'm homesick for the farm, I miss the forge and the bulk of my metal working tools.... stupid condo & city bylaws...
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  9. Hummmmm,what an odd one way, another,no.Example:One of my skills w/the USAF was as a weapons expert,I'm knowlageable of most of the worlds fire arms,I can field strip and equaly profiecnt in they're use.I can't per say open forge a bladed weapon but I'm knowlageable of bladed weapons and they're intended use.I confess it's been a very long time......
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  10. Aaron san,I'm impressed! I didn't know you have this skill,Frosty!(kewl)
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  11. Deborah

    Deborah Ninja

    Hah Phil I could improvise and make some weapons for sure....I am just wating for Zombie Armagedon! Home-made Kali stix for a start and maybe sharpen myself some wooden daggers and the likes!! Oooo yeah bring them on:mad:! Respects and smiles Sifu XXXxxXXX
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  12. Aaron Hutto

    Aaron Hutto Master

    Yeah, this is the lamest Armageddon ... I want ZOMBIES !!! I prepared for zombies!
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  13. Deborah

    Deborah Ninja

    Yeeehaa Aaron, totally!! Bring on the onslaught! Blood, brains, decapatation and plenty of gore:mad:!! This Kunoichi(lady warrior) is more than ready......Anata no daisuke desu, (with my love),rei xxxXXxxx
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  14. Gone

    Gone Guest

    It would be easy enough to make molotov cocktails, I suppose. But other than that, no I do not know how to make weapons of any sort. I can improvise fairly well, but not make them from scratch.
  15. When it comes to close range/hand-to-hand ranged weapons, anything you grab can be an effective weapon. But considering the scenario, that your country is being experiencing war, revolution or any number of mass chaos, then you need to consider ranged weapons, or weapons of mass destruction like bombs to be truly effective. Basic and effective home made range weapons could include spears, javelins, hawaiian slings, sling shots or air compressed projectiles. I remember making a small cannon as a child after seeing Captain Kirk make a cannon from a piece of bamboo and some material like gun powder to defeat a giant lizard alien creature. Anyways, you can make a very powerful air cannon using a 1 litter plastic bottle and some basic plumbing parts and a bike pump. Such a make shift cannon is as powerful a 22.caliber bullet or more. Anyways, when there is a real need, humans are very resourceful. The best weapon I think would be a team of people working together as a unit in such a situation.
  16. Master of Nothing

    Master of Nothing Psychotic Pacifist

    I started making my own weapons when is was 12. After my pop made me my first 2 pair of nunchaku. First was a couple fishing weights and twist link chain to construct a manriki gusari (kusari fundo). Then was a broom handle hand sawed (with hacksaw blade) down the middle. Hand twisting with a drill bit throught the sides to match the scythe blade I got from the hardware store. Then finishing with bonding glue to pull the gaps, some metal twine as primary bonding wrap, and ducktape. Its been 24 year and I still have those two weapons a some others I've constructed over the years.
    As far as environment. I found that cross training everyday items with melee weapons helps one identify the fine points of both. Swords-Broom/Axe Handle, Spear/ Bo/Jo/Hanbo-Broom Handle, Trident-Broom, Halberd-Mop, Yawara-Cellphones/Cordless Phones/Salt&PepperShakes War Hammers and Axes-well, hammers and axes .
    Paperclips straightened, Staples twisted together, Books, Rolled Magazines & news papers, Wirehangers, Belts, Broken CDs, Folded Paper (Printer, Envelops, Folders, PostIts, Beer Bottle Labels, etc.), and so on.
  17. Sensei Martin

    Sensei Martin Warrior Monk

    Everyone is making this way to complicated !!

    All you need is a good Hockey Stick!

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  18. Dave76

    Dave76 Deheuol Gwyn Dragon

    Hmm, War would be the hardest I think. Homemade wepons vs modern military not such a good idea. Bug out with the family into the forrests, plenty of hunting, fresh water,etc...
    Zombie appocalypse on the other hand, Phfttt! Easy. As others have already said, spears \ poles utilizing 'Wing Chun' - Dragon pole technique, bo or jo ofcourse, a good sharp tipped bokken, any of these you could make on the go, so long as you have some decent hardwood trees near by.Not sure kali sticks would be very effective against zombies.
    If I could get to a hardware store, well.... to easy I think. Gardening section alone would be a goldmine. 6" nails are something I allready practice throwing, circular saw blades (yes I'm thinking of Commando), screwdrivers, chisels, etc,etc...
    Making bombs would also be easy if your in a populated area. LPG bottles make an incredibly powerful explosive, especially when you pack nuts and washers around them and double up as camp cooker, gas lantern,so on and so on, clorine and brakefluid, ammonium nitrate fertiliser,etc,etc...
    But what always drives me nuts when I'm watching 'The Walking Dead' or some other zombie thing, why oh why does no one think of armour??? I mean really, any halfway decent sports store is going to have some lacrosse, hockey, etc gear. A motorcycle shop for a leather jacket with inbuilt kevlar body armour and some decent calf high boots, etc...
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  19. Dave76

    Dave76 Deheuol Gwyn Dragon

  20. Master of Nothing

    Master of Nothing Psychotic Pacifist

    DAMN SKIPPY!!!! I've been argueing the same point for years!!!!
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