Could You Make Your Own Weapons?

Discussion in 'Weapons' started by SifuPhil, Jun 27, 2012.

  1. chinto

    chinto Grasshoppa

    yes I could make my own weapons, modify others, and know how to use them and things. why would I not..
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  2. Judah

    Judah fights in tights

    Going from the original post this is probably the best plan. Let's face it, my friends across the pond ought not find it too difficult to arm themselves with shooters, people in the countryside can choose from a variety of farming/gardening tools and for us in big cities, sporting equipment such as hockey sticks (had to be a Canadian to suggest that!) cricket bats, baseball bats (won't find many of those in England - maybe in Wales??) kitchen knives (they allowed?) you really are only limited by your imagination.
  3. Scorpion Ninja

    Scorpion Ninja Grasshoppa

    I made some Nunchaku one time.
  4. Scorpion Ninja

    Scorpion Ninja Grasshoppa

    There is an e-book on making your own Shillelagh for Irish Stick Fighting. if you want to know what's like see videos under Irish a Stick Fighting?
  5. AleahParcon

    AleahParcon Initiate

    Sad to say that I can't even know in how to sharpen my knives. Lol. But when given a skill, I want to create my own version of pocket knife with feminine design.
  6. Chaleira

    Chaleira Initiate

    Sling shots are easy to make. I use to make them when I was a kid. Makeshift Bow and arrows are also fairly easy to make. Made one once when I was a kid as well. Nunchucks, easy, I've made quite a few of those when I was a kid. I suppose I could always find a way to sharpen a stick or something too! Other than that, normal every day tools you could find laying around could easily substitute as weapons such has garden hoes, shovels, metal rakes, etc...
  7. Arun Kumar Saha

    Arun Kumar Saha Initiate

    I have build few Nunchakus from plastic PVC pipes for training purposes only, later i found that its good enough to be used as a weapon even in road . Other things like Buji is pretty easy to build if you have some basic understanding of cutting-shaping metals (Which I Don't). 22.jpg
  8. Karl Buchanan

    Karl Buchanan Initiate

    Master Don Miller made weapons and so, I do and students can too. Anybody can make at least one weapon - and then go back and make it of something besides pine :)

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