Cung le vs anderson the spider silva

Discussion in 'Mixed Martial Arts' started by Adam Crawshaw, Oct 20, 2012.

  1. Adam Crawshaw

    Adam Crawshaw The Ripper

    do you think he deserves a shot and do you think he would stand a chance (Cung le) ? personally i do but what do you think?
  3. Kevin

    Kevin Admin Staff Member

    Definitely doesn't deserve it. Every MMA fighter always has a chance though I don't see him matching the spider in any area.
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  4. Adam Crawshaw

    Adam Crawshaw The Ripper

    Well i think in striking they are both unorthodox in their striking angles bjj or jj i think the spider has the advantage but knowing Anderson he would trade with le and it would be pretty even in stand up if anderson tried to take it to the ground he would have a hard time with le's take down defence
  5. Kevin

    Kevin Admin Staff Member

    I would have to disagree with this. Andersons stand up is amazing. He's one of the best boxers in MMA and he has some awesome kicks too. I don't think he would find it difficult to get it to the ground...though I don't think Anderson would have to take it to the ground to win the fight.

    I'm a big fan of Cung Le but there's a huge gulf in skill between him and Anderson Silva. Anyone who has watched their last fights will know this. Cung Le is 1 and 1 in the UFC. He shouldn't even be mentioned in the same breath as Silva.
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  6. Adam Crawshaw

    Adam Crawshaw The Ripper

    ouch that is quite a blow but you may be right although i don't think we would ever know shame though i would like to see it. Is there anyone you think could beat silva? im not sure anyone in the mma circuit so far could. Maybe someone who isn't here anymore? But my dream would be to fight him myself but it will never happen because i am am no where near his level (and probably never will be) but i would give it a go anyway
  7. Kevin

    Kevin Admin Staff Member

    I don't think so. He's getting older but still at the top of his game. Jon Jones or GSP would probably be the ideal opponents as he's pretty much cleared out the division. He's already referred to as the best P4P fighter so winning against one of those opponents would only back that up more. :)

    I'm a bit confused as to why you want to see him fight Le though. He's 40 now and well past his best. He got beat by an old Wanderlei Silva and only got a decision against Cote. He's fighting Franklin next. That should be a good match up.

    I think 99.99999% of people in this forum would last less than a minute with Silva in the ring...and most of that time would be spent running :)
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  8. Dave76

    Dave76 Deheuol Gwyn Dragon

    Damn, how did you know my secret move!:LOL:
    I doubt I could outrun him for long either. Cardio is not my strongest area.
    Still....If I was to be honest, I really would love to have a private full contact spar with the man. It would be exciting to see just where I stand in ability compaired to someone of his calibre. Maybe I would only last 30sec, maybe I could see out a round, don't know. But I do know that if given the chance to find out, I really would take it, regardless of the incurring medical costs:blackeye:
    Is it masochistic in nature that to me it would be fun ?:D
  9. Dave76

    Dave76 Deheuol Gwyn Dragon

    Sorry Adam, got sidetracked there. Have to agree with Kev on this one, Cung only just scraped thru on his last fight and that was'nt all that impressive IMHO. Does he deserve a shot at the title? Not a chance.
    Bring on the superfight allready. Silva and Jones to me makes the best match up, but I think Silva and St Pierre will happen first.
    If any one can end his run, I think it will be Jones. Not that I particuly like Jones, but the lad has got skills and is genetically gifted for fighting like no other in the ufc today. His reach alone is such a huge advantage, his wrestling, his elbows from inside guard are fricken dangerous!
    And now that he's learnt some respect for BJJ via Belforts valiant effort, I think he will be even more dangerous.
    Jones is the only one I could see defeating Silva. Old guard makes way for the new....that's the way of things.
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  10. UK-Student

    UK-Student Disciple

    No, Cung Le would not likely beat Anderson. Wanderlei recently beat Cung and Wanderlei has been beaten by people that Anderson has absolutely destroyed (Rich Franklin as a very recent example).

    He doesn't have the knock-out ability, he doesn't have the Jujitsu. He's never faced anyone in the middleweight top ten and won. The Shamrock fight was good but Shamrock was past his prime and his leg injuries mean that he was unable to shoot or kick much.

    Also, what has Cung done to deserve a title shot? Most people have to beat at least a few top middleweights to fight Anderson (Bonnar didn't but was doing the UFC a favour).

    I LOVE watching Cung Le and he seems like a really nice guy but let's not overstate his skills. To prove us wrong, he would have to beat Rich Franklin and then at least two credible top ten middleweights. Even that would not be enough in all likelihood.

    Agree with Dave - bring up the big truck of money and get Silva to fight Jones. The people with the best chances to beat Anderson are Jones and Weidman.
  11. MattCMMA

    MattCMMA Master

    Silva would take Jones. I dont think anyone is going to beat Silva... He's getting older yes, but also he getting more efficient with every fight we see. Also if Silva would have had Jones in that armbar, Jones shit would've been broken for sure. Ijust dont see an answer for silva for atleast another 3 years or so, if at all. GSP vs Silva i feel would probably be a boring decision style type of fight...I don't see GSP falling for silva's tactics like most have.
  12. Adam Crawshaw

    Adam Crawshaw The Ripper

    i am not trying too overstate le's abilities it was just a random thought passing through my head i agree with you all about the super fights though. And i wasn't saying a title shot i just meant a shot to fight him and i agree with you Dave76 i would love to go all out with the spider just for fun
  13. kev

    kev Initiate

    Totally agree with you in the fact that anderson silva has cleared out the devision and is the best of all time,, but cung le totally deserves a shot because of this .. IF he beats Franklin... cung is getting old, and there is noone else in the middleweight devision that can even remotely challenge silva, even in light heavy jones probably wouldnt beat him... GSP has even less chance than most middleweights he is too small.... cung on the other hand has sharp stand up.. hes not as good as silva all round probably wont beat him... be he is the only one left that would make a exciting fight and possibly win,,, mma anything can happen and if anyone can beat silva its cung, because of his stand up and style... cung le a super underated.. every fight he has had he has destroyed his opponent... two things lets cung le down one, is age, and two his hands... hes got great fast hands, great timing, but they lack knockout power... I think cung deserves a shot because its a fight alot of people would love to see.. and in the middle weight he is the only person which would give him even half a fight.... even bisping turned down a cung le fight,, but he is willing to fight franklin.. for some reason MMA fans underate cung le simply because of stats,, fighters know to avoid him... cung cant change his stats he entered MMA quite late... UFC even later and movie deals has not only made his MMA record smaller, he lost 2 fights because of it... hes out for 1.5-2 years at a time making movies... and clearly wasnt as sharp or in shape when he came back into the cage.
  14. Kevin

    Kevin Admin Staff Member

    Sorry but I don't think Cung Le deserves a shot. I really do like Cung Le but he shouldn't get a shot as yet. If he manages to beat someone else after Franklin then fair enough, but beating two lower ranked middleweights shouldn't give him a title shot. I can see them giving him a title shot at this moment only if there are injuries to lots of other fighters and they need someone to step in.

    Apparently Silva's camp want a fight with GSP if he beats Condit. I'd love to see that happen.

    When did Bisping turn down a Cung Le fight. In my opinion, Bisping would soundly beat Cung Le and has done much more to merit a title shot over the last three years. At the moment Cung Le has two fights in the UFC - one loss against Wanderlei and one points decision against Cote.
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  15. kev

    kev Initiate

    Bisping wouldn't beat cung le, your underating cung le;s ability like eeryone else, bisping turned down cung le just recently, but then he is calling Franklin out. like i mention cung cannot do anything about his fight record because hes been making tons of movies... even if it was a non title fight, cung vs silva,, GSP doesnt have a chance.... GSP is going into that cage for a beating, it is stupidity on his behalf to take that fight... I give him credit and respect for not backing out, but its not even a fight i want to see because he doesnt have a chance in hell....

    this is the dilema, you have the people that go on ratings which DOES COUNT,, but it counts more on ability than whats on paper... GSP is great on paper, but in the cga ewith silva it wouldnt last a round..... cung le on paper hasnt had as many fights, but ability he is the best in the middle wegith to challenge silva... stop looking at whats on paper, its about ability...

    cung le has dominated every fighter he has come against... silvas knees and clinch are know and notoriously deadly.. he was CLEARLY GASSED, came back from doing movies and silva was a last minute replacement too.... but he dominated silva that is what you call (ability)

    on paper he doesnt deserve a shot,, but on ability and he does....

    chael sonnen didnt deserve a shot,, and he had no ability of beating silva, he fluke the first one, silvas mind was else where... but look at sonnens record it is junk he still got a shot... Bisping wouldnt beat silva or cung, hense why he turned him down. to fight franklin..
  16. MattCMMA

    MattCMMA Master

    Bisping would destroy the actor. Cung Le isnt even on the same level as GSP, not even close. If you want to go by ability we can easily look at mr Cung Le's abilities....

    He's had the ability to only fight 10 times. - his ufc debut against Wanderlei Silva. He sure dominated alright, the fight wasnt even half way through and he got destroyed. - And giving the excuse of "He's making movies" is a weak one, he's fighting in the top fight promotion, he should take it seriously and focus. Otherwise people like Wanderlei destroy you because you're not prepared "because you were doing movies".

    He's gone 8-2 , BUT let's not forget he fought Scott Smith[who?] twice in a row, first fight Scott knocked him out, second time Cung got the best of him. The ONLY notable names he has beaten in his entire 6 yr career.........
    Frank Shamrock and the most recent Patrick Cote. in which the latter went to decision., and well Frank was at the end of his career when he fought Cung. In the past 4 years [out of 6] he has only fought once a year, and has gone 2-2.

    For you to even put Cung Le up there with the fellas like Anderson Silva, GSP,etc. is funny. [ you were being funny right?].Anderson Silva's and GSP's win streaks is double the total amount of fights Cung Le has even fought, let alone mention those win streaks are in the top fight promotion, in which Cung Le's abilities have shown a 1-1 in that same promotion.

    Mr. Le's abilities is to be a so-so actor and even less so a fighter. The only reason he is in the UFC is because of his namefrom his acting career. When Rich Franklin dismantles him on nov 10th, the UFC will send him back down to where he belongs... on the set and not in the octagon.

    If you want to see the real landscape of what's going to happen in a fight that's coming up, all you have to do is check the bookies. They tend to pay attention to "what matters" when it comes to fighting in the octagon, as it's their money at stake. Franklin has become even more of a favorite from the opening line, and Cung Le has become even more an underdog from the opening line.

    You can believe into your own hype about Cung Le if you like [because you like his movies?], but if you were to put any money behind those belief's. You would lose terribly.
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  17. Kevin

    Kevin Admin Staff Member

    As you say, anything can happen in MMA and Cung Le is far from retired. He's not near the top though and he got beat by a washed up Wanderlei Silva. I have no doubt that Bisping would destroy Cung Le. Bisping has some of the best boxing in the UFC and his takedown defence is great too.

    Perhaps I'm going crazy, perhaps I didn't get enough sleep last night, but are you suggesting that GSP is only good on paper and has no chance against Silva yet Cung Le does?
  18. MattCMMA

    MattCMMA Master

    1- Would be one of the largest upsets in UFC history

    2- Do you even follow the middleweight division at all? A name comes to mind pretty quickly, that name is... Chris Weidman.

    as for Jones. Silva doesnt even want to fight Jones. So much that he threw an outlandish figure to turn away any possibility of making it happen... There's a reason behind this.

    3- Please look at the fighter mentioned in answer #2 above.
    4- He hasn't destroyed everyone he's fought. Did you notice the bold and underlined points givin in 3 and 4 where you contradict yourself about Le's abilities? I'm confused, care to elaborate?

    5- I wouldn't confuse your own desires with that of everyone else's. This is definitely not the case, otherwise we would be hearing everyone saying this. The Jones and Cheal fight happened because alot of people wanted to see it... now we have it.

    6- Please look at the fighter mentioned in answer #2 above.

    7- This is exactly why he doesn't belong in the UFC. His debut into the UFC and he gasses and gets destroyed because of gassing. It obviously wasn't important enough to put time aside to get his conditioning right for the largest fighting promotion he's ever been in or his fans. He should stick to making movies and leave the fighting to the guys who take it seriously.

    On a side note.... his movies suck.
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  19. Dave76

    Dave76 Deheuol Gwyn Dragon

    Only ever seen 'Dragon Eyes'....and is pretty sad when JCVD's acting seems quite good in comparison:LOL:
  20. kev

    kev Initiate

    wow glad you got rid of all you uneducated steam form your down syndrome brain.. I aint even going to reply because anything I say is just gonna educate you,, you are that thick.. I think his movies suck aswell, did i say they were good? haha other than that, you have your opinion and we will see on november the 10th,,, when you will have you foot in your mouth and i wont hear from you again, just like all the other dumbass trolls that dont know shit about anything.
  21. kev

    kev Initiate

    dragon eyes was crap, but far better than any movie youve ever made..

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