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    what are the rule sets for European kickboxing, K1 and muay thai ? was trying to find what the rules are for each but i cant seem to find them would be cool to see how different they are to GTF taekwondo rules which dont have all the same rules of ITF taekwondo but is much more similar to ITF and kickboxing then it is to WTF sparring. any help would be great if you could recomend a website where it explains each of these 3 kickboxing rule sets
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    Just out of curiosity I typed in "K-1 rules" on a search and got plenty of hits including "Differences between K-1 and Muay Thai". So it's by no means some insurmountable task for you to find the rule sets on your own and do a comparison.(y)
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    I would go to the governing bodies and ask for a set of rules for competing.

    Generally K-1 is same as Muay Thai but no elbows or clinching. Kickboxing generally all strikes to all areas above the belt are allowed except elbows, sweeps are foot sweeps only and there is a minimum kicks per round required which if not achieved is a point off. I would check before fighting so uou don't get fowls
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    Yea what he said (y)

    All of them are ring based so have timed rounds, depending on association rule set etc normally 3 min rounds, Also normally if you get dropped twice in a round normally gets called, no stop start like many tkd fights, intent is to knockout not score points, very different mindset.

    1. Kickboxing- No clinching,kick above the hip only,no elbows,no knees - stylistically generally kick with instep or foot
    2. Muay Thai - all of the above allowed , kicks any level,all variations of elbows,clinching encouraged and Knees a definite - Stylistically normally kick blade of the shin bone or instep
    3. k1 - short clinch allowed, basically 1 or 2 knees before they seperate, no elbows, kick all levels
    thats the main differences
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    Kickboxing has various styles like point fighting, semi-contact, light continuous, full contact, and K1

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