Do you have to be a certain rank to wear certain Taekwondo uniforms? I need some help.

Discussion in 'Taekwondo' started by JacobTKD, Dec 30, 2012.

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    So I'm new here, and I was just curious about one certain thing. My birthday is coming up, and I really wanted to buy the SUPER MASTER ADIDAS Taekwondo uniform. But a lot of these uniforms have names like, "Master Uniform", "Grandmaster uniform", etc. And I'm only 17 with a first degree black belt. But I really liked that uniform and I really wanted to buy it. Unfortunately, I don't know if I'm supposed to be wearing it. I'd show you a picture, but it doesn't let me post a link yet. If you'd like, just Google Adidas Super Master Taekwondo uniform. I don't know if I'm supposed to be a certain rank or level to wear a certain kind of uniform.

    So let me know what you guys think. I checked a lot of websites that sell this for their descriptions, and most of them said, "Specially designed for experts, black belts, masters, and grandmasters." and I'm a black belt so I felt I could wear it. Give me a little more detail please, and thanks!
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    Here's the pis for you Jacob. As to your question thou, not a TKD guy, so I'll let the numerous people on here who are, answer that for you.

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    If you are a black belt I don't see the problem in wearing a white dobok with the black collar. It'd be weird if you wore those karate like [w/o the v neck] cross-striped black and white doboks with golden scripts.
    The websites will always do some bad marketing trying to make the product look special, but if you think you are worth it, I don't see any problem, just see the kind of uniform the other blackbelts in your dojang use, and if you're still in doubt, ask them. If your gym has some kind of restrictions, they'll tell you :)
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    Not sure about TKD, but every dojo can be different rule wise. Ours is traditional Karate. White Gis only to Black Belt. Our Black Belts can decide their own Gi as long as it isn't distasteful. Other schools in our style allow other Gis in classes, but not at meetings/seminars/closed tournaments, and especially NOT at belt tests. I would say it would be your instructor's call. You can't go by marketing. I have worn a "Master's Gi" for years, even before I got my Black Belt. It was a traditional White Karate Gi made out of 14oz material. I like a heavy Gi that will stand up to repeated washings and heavy training. Plus I like to sweat during training, and to wear a Gi that mimics the most restrictive clothing I wear.
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    You would have to ask your school, but if you have your first Dan... there should be no issue with the uniform shown above. Your belt shows your rank, not your uniform.
    Any other restrictions are simply imposed by your school.
    At any formal events, in front of our Grand Master, we are required to wear formal uniforms... all white for anyone below 1st Dan; white w/ black trim for 1st Dan and above; above that the 4th Dan and above have an optional silk uniform awarded to them by our Grand Master.
    Outside of formal events, at our school... some of us, and those who instruct mix in solid black pants and tops. Sometimes demo uniforms have various colors.

    So... it is just a uniform... your belt holds the significance. Check with your school...
    But coming from a TKD background (a long time ago)... the picture you show is fine... especially for daily training... the name (master) is just marketing.
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  7. Mark Goss

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    Congratulations on achieving Black belt Jacob!
    The choice of Dobok will be dictated by your master, your club and if you are freestyle or not.
    My background is old school ITF Tae Kwon Do and originally both your black belt and your dobok designated your rank..... 1st-3rd Dan had black piping around the base of your top, 4th and 5th dan had a stripe added down each sleeve and you had to be 6th Dan and above to have stripes added down both legs........... all this seems to have changed again with all the various forms of ITF TKD and many wear the full piping from 4th Dan and above now.
    Hope this helps.
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  8. Caneman

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    I should state clearly though... I practice TSD, not TKD... so take what I have written with a grain of salt, as my TKD experience is almost 20 years old now... even if TSD and TKD have some commonalities.
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    As far as my knowledge is concerned, there is no variation to wear the uniforms irrespective of size and gender. The uniforms are now available for affordable prices and separately for everyone.

    taekwondo uniforms
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  11. Eric Dufurrena

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    I think it depends on the school, but universally I have seen black borders for black belts.
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    First of all, I congratulate you for achieve the first degree black belt. If you want SUPER MASTER ADIDAS Taekwondo uniform really for your Birthday occasion then go through the "taekwondouniforms." in that website, variety of uniforms are available and having all Sizes.I think this is the way to reach your Want for Birthday's purpose.
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    In generaly, my experience is that in the west, most Kukki Taekwondo organizatios use doboks with white collars for gup grades, and doboks with black collars for dan grades. Other than that, I have seen no consistent rules regarding doboks, and have seen 6th dan black belts with plain white doboks(just with black collars), and 1st dan black belts with black stripes on their arms and legs, which probably means that(unlike within, say, the ITF) the color of the collar is the only relevant symbol of rank on the dobok aside from the belt, and is only used to differentiate dan ranked practitioners from gup ranked practitioners.

    However, in Korea, it seems everyone is using doboks with black collars regardless of their belt rank, probably just to simplify things and because they don't really put too much prestige on the lower dan ranks.
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    Well you have the ITF and the WTF which are quite different the gear forms are interchangeable and where I purchase mine is up century or a w m a

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