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Discussion in 'Strength Training' started by DeeD, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. DeeD

    DeeD Nak Muay

    funny guy, lucky he didnt get beaten

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  3. Eric Dufurrena

    Eric Dufurrena The Iron Fist of Fun

    Wow, that guy at the end has low self esteem!
  4. Dave76

    Dave76 Deheuol Gwyn Dragon

    How did he not get his ass kicked?
  5. DeeD

    DeeD Nak Muay

    yea no idea how he didnt get beaten
  6. Judah

    Judah fights in tights

    That was hilarious!
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  7. Enkidu

    Enkidu Destroyer of your martial arts fantasies

    That cracked me up!
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  8. Caneman

    Caneman Test all things.

    Hmm so... amongst us who watched it... we got 1 psych eval; 2 thought it was funny; and I will add my vote to make three of us who thought it would be best to hurt him... LOL
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  9. Dave76

    Dave76 Deheuol Gwyn Dragon

    I'm not saying I would've tried to snot him in real life, just that that sort of thing would have made me want to. No, in reality a curt 'Fuck off asshole' would've sufficed for me. But having seen some of the antics of the guys at the gym I use when away from home for work....he would've got dealt with quickly and it wouldn't have been very funny.
  10. Caneman

    Caneman Test all things.

    My mental reaction would have been to bait him. With a "sure, show me how it is done. Here let's see if you can do a 410lb single rep bench... then I will let you coach me." But my mental reaction doesn't always control my emotional reaction.
  11. Sabomnim Dan

    Sabomnim Dan Disciple

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  12. Gone

    Gone Guest

    Yeah, my thoughts as well. I would have wanted to see if he can do it and when he couldn't have, told him to go to the Hips & Curves gym at the other end of town.
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  13. Caneman

    Caneman Test all things.

  14. DeeD

    DeeD Nak Muay

    sad thing is u do get guys like this who would actually do that being serious

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