Doping is out; Beet juice is in.

Discussion in 'Health, Fitness & Nutrition' started by Alwi, Jul 15, 2014.

  1. Alwi

    Alwi Disciple

    Hi guys,

    Just thought I would share something I have learnt recently. First of all I am proud to say that I never used pre-work out supplements in my life. So the first thing I learnt recently is that you don't need to. Your regular diet needs to give you sufficient energy to be able to train hard. If you DO use supplements you will never know how much capability your body has to naturally endure your workouts.

    The other thing I learnt is that beet or beetroot juice is the best natural performance enhancer of all time. It does what no other food or drug does. I maybe naive about this and all excited but I thought I'd share this with you guys so you could also get the benefits.

    You don't have to, but if you want to read exactly how beet juice can elevate your performance you can check it out here. I wrote this using my humble and limited knowledge:
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  3. chris halkett

    chris halkett Warrior Monk

    I drink this all the time and it really helps if im doin more cardio based stuff not so much if im lifting tho
  4. Alwi

    Alwi Disciple

    Do you freshly juice the beets yourself or buy ready-made juice?
  5. chris halkett

    chris halkett Warrior Monk

    id love to say I juiced it but ye I just buy it in the cartons its really cheap tho and still organic iv got a juicer aswell I like to juice cuccumers and carrots and stuff like that
  6. Alwi

    Alwi Disciple

    Great man thanks for the info. Stay healthy!:)
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  7. Master of Nothing

    Master of Nothing Psychotic Pacifist

    Beet Juice? Cool, I'll give it a try. Have you tried coconut juice? I'm not a fan of the taste. But, I like the results.
  8. chris halkett

    chris halkett Warrior Monk

    i like the cartons of coconut water but haven't tried it in a supplement way
  9. Alwi

    Alwi Disciple

    I used to drink fresh coconut water from real coconuts when I used to live in Kenya. The ones the sell in cartons taste nothing like the real thing, tastes disgusting for my taste. However don't let that stop you from drinking it :)
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  10. chris halkett

    chris halkett Warrior Monk

    Coconut oil is good if u need lots of good calories
  11. monk64

    monk64 Initiate

    Dwight Shrute approves! ;)

    I have but I stopped. Most of them are nothing but caffeine and/or sugar. I do drink coffee, though not specifically pre-workout, so I don't need more caffeine in my world.

    The only pre-work supplement I use now is water. Sometimes I'll have a zero-calorie sports drink for the electrolytes.
  12. AwkwardKarate

    AwkwardKarate Initiate

    is there a specific brand of beet juice that you buy from?

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