Drachenpagode and ZVCNoord: Kurokumo Bushido, Ashida Kim related?

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    A Ninjitsu question:

    Does anyone ever heared of Kuroi Ryu Ninjitsu or Kurokumo Goshido?
    It seemed in Germany at http://www.drachenpagode.com a representative of Kurokumo Goshido and it was according the internet connected with a system called Kuroi Ryu Ninjitsu.

    On the drachenpagode website ( spirit of a sensei ) are the following names the teachers:

    Andreas Leffler (Schulleiter / Ninjutsu / Goshido / Wu-Shu)
    Marco Walbrecker (1. Dan Goshido / 1. Lg. Shaodwdance / Schusswaffen)
    Thomas Wenger (1. Dan Taekwon-Do / 1. Dan Goshido)
    Martina Grandl (1. Dan Goshido / 1. Lg. Shadowdance)
    Lothar Mähler (Lehrer Europäische Kampfkunst)

    And in in Dutchland there was a former teacher of Kuroi ryu Ninjitsu and Kurokumo Shinobi Goshido, his name is sensei Arie van den Akker and his website is: http://www.kurokumo-bushido.nl and http://www.zvcnoord.nl are those websites Ashida Kim related?

    Is this Ashida Kim his Black Dragon Ninjitsu or is it from a different group? On the drachenpagode website you can find a picture with Frank Dux also, but many say that it has something to do with Ashida Kim also.

    Does anyone has more information? I did not knew Ashida Kim like MC dojo's where spreaded everywhere very interesting.

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