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  1. Kevin

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    EastMeetsWest.com has been supplying Martial Artists for over 20 years with the best authentic Dit Da Jow, Iron Palm and other healing products based on Traditional Chinese Medicine.

    Having been involved in Martial Arts for close to 40 years and TCM for close to 25, we can offer you knowledge and unsurpassed service in your purchase.


    You can visit our online store East Meets West International. Of course discounts apply to our Black Belt Forum Brothers and Sisters. We have a tiered system, the more you buy the higher the discount,email us for your checkout coupon code list at [email protected]

    Thanks, we look forward to your visit,

    Dr. Nick and Staff
    East Meets West International
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  3. sifuRon

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    Nice to see east meets west as a sponsor, I've been using them for years for all my hit liniments Jow and IP and a few internal formulas, a good supplier.

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