Ed Parker and American Kenpo: A Lesson in Politics

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    Yes they do, with the exception of running your own school. That promotes McDojos. Elvis did teach quite a bit according to Mr. Parker's people.
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    [quotedon'tric Dufurrena, post: 33443, member: 2436"]In most styles, dan ranks beyond 3rd require teaching, and in some styles even running your own school. Do regulations like this exist in Kenpo?[/quote]
    No we don't require that. It is written in our original manual (copyright 1975) in the 'First Black Belt Pledge'
    "I hold that my time and skill are the assets to my profession, Assets which grow in value as I progress in the art until as a third dan, I stand as a fully qualified instructor. It shall also be my responsibility to protect any students from ravenous individuals who would to take advantage of personal weaknesses to divest the gullible into unprofitable paths. To preserve the sacred things, I pledge my all".

    Maybe this is where the confusion came from. Hope it helped.
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    You are missing quite a few names of some of our 1st Generation Black Belts. Or more to the point, Your source links are. I learned under 1st Gen. as well as Master Parker. The man was THE most easiest man to get along with. No matter what rank you held.
    The 'Family tree' was not maintained, this is true. The association grew quite large. Keeping in mind, we were a very close knit family. So, What you find online, will never be the whole picture. As for the list of 'criteria' for a successor......Absolute horsecrap.
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