Eskrimadors - The Art of Filipino Fighting

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  1. Kevin

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    I came across this great video about Escrima on YouTube which I'm sure you'll all love. It's about an hour long and divided into 5 parts on YouTube.

    It's a good introduction to Escrima for those that don-t know much about the art though Escrima practitioners will love it too. Enjoy :)

  3. Deborah

    Deborah Ninja

    OMG!! These are AMAAAAZING, Kev. You must have read my mind I was just swatting up on my Escrima and its history today!! Loadza luv n respects my fellow Scottish Warrior xxXXxxXXxx
  4. Eric M. Miller

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    there is another one a part of a series called "human weapon" that i think you'd enjoy.
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  5. Gone

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    Love that show, Human Weapon.
    I am conflicted with bladed weapons training. On one side, I know that training to use bladed weapons and staffs is never a bad idea. On the other half, it seems like a waste of time because you just can't carry those sorts of things on you in your day to day life. You can take your BJJ/Muay Thai/Pankration skills anywhere, though.
  6. Eric M. Miller

    Eric M. Miller Samurai

    only reason i ever learn weapons is to improve body mechanics and be able to do improvised weapons better. past that i believe it is useless.
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  7. Deborah

    Deborah Ninja

    As I said yesterday, I think.......I have been studying many books on this art and I thought I would share.:D

    Remy Amador is one of the most vibrant personalities in the martial arts.One of the Phillipines' premier stick fighters, Presas has become a national figure in his native country for his blending of the countless island combat styles into one system, which he named Modern Aranis.
    Presas began his study of aranis at an early age, leaving home at 14 to persue his interest in the fighting characteristic of his home land. Presas ultimately synthesised important aspects from kali, eskrima, tjaklele and aranis de mano into the art he teaches today. His travel throughout his travels throughout the Philipines led to the rise of aranis as a national sport, taught regularly in physical education classes throughout the country.
    Presas left the Philipines in 1975 on a goodwill tour sponsored by the Philipine government to spread aranis to other countries.He arrived in the United States, conducting special seminars to groups as diverse as law enforcement officers and senior citizens. The "Professor" (as his students affectionately call him) has been welcomed wherever he goes, demonstrating the daring techniqes of the BOLO and the bewitching twirl of double rattan sticks-THE SINAWALI.
    In 1982, Presas resided in San Francisco, and is actively involved with the formation of his International AranisFederation (IAF), headquartered in Los Angeles.

    If interested in furtheringtheir studies in this art and you can travel there, you are encouraged to write to
    124 Rolf street
    San Francisco
    CA 94112
    Ooooft Kev yuo have got my filpino juices flowing. If you are not too bored I would love to talk a little about the history if people don't mind!! If you do mind then IGNORE IT!! LOL Love, peace and respects your Kunoichi:D xxXXxxxxXXxxx
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  8. Bruce

    Bruce Samurai

    I have his book - "Modern Arnis - The Filipino Art of Stick Fighting" hmm think i'll dust it off and have another read....
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  9. Deborah

    Deborah Ninja

    Hahahaaa I might have guessed you would have it, happy reading my fine martial friend xxXXxx

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