Exercises for Muay Thai and Kickboxing at Home

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    Shadow Boxing:
    This is a type of training in which you square up against a fictitious opponent and display the skills you now know. Move as though your imagined opponent is coming at you with the aim to knock you out while you're in a "practice fight." However, remember that the goal of shadow boxing is not to win. Take use of this chance to enhance your technique execution while attempting to defend yourself.

    Diamond Push-ups:
    Begin by performing a regular push-up. Bring both hands to the middle of your chest and clasp them together. Make a diamond shape with your thumbs and index fingers by adjusting them. The center of your body should be aligned with your arms and legs. Without contacting the ground, lower your body. You should not rest your upper chest on your hands. Raise your body to the point when your arms are completely extended. Rep the procedure.

    Hollow Hold:
    Lie flat on your back on the ground, arms stretched over your head and legs completely extended. While maintaining the rest of your body flat on the ground, lift your arms, head, shoulders, and legs off the ground. For as long as feasible, maintain the raised body parts off the ground. Return them to the ground to rest slowly. Rep the procedure.

    Elbow Slash:
    Begin by taking a fighting stance. Bend your elbow to the point where your forearm and bicep are forced against each other, depending on which arm you're using. Raise your arm slightly and move your shoulder and hips hard in the direction you want to strike. Make sure the foot is pivoting on the same side as the elbow that is striking. Return to your combat stance by bringing your elbow back. As you continue the motion, remember to alternate your elbows.


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