Fitch Beat in 41 Seconds

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    It looks like Dana was right when he cut Fitch and said that he was in the backend of his career. He lasted just 41 seconds in his fight with Josh Burkman last night.

    The controversy came to a head once again this week as Fitch was ready to make his first fight outside the UFC since he was an unknown back in 2005. UFC President Dana White had cited Fitch's 1-2-1 record in his prior four fights and his age, 35, as reasons. Fitch aired out a series of grievances during his time in UFC.

    But Fitch (27-6-1, 1 no contest) ran into the wrong guy Saturday night in at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas to try and make the decision look bad. Josh Burkman(26-9) choked him completely unconscious with a guillotine in only 41 seconds.

    As much as the result of the main event of the third show put on by the World Series of Fighting was shocking, the method was even more so. Fitch was thought to be impossible to choke out. In practice, he'd routinely give his back to the best Jiu Jitsu fighters he could find and nobody could ever finish him. From a statistical standpoint, nobody in the UFC had successfully defended as many submission attempts as Fitch without ever being finished once.

    The only time he had ever been finished in his career by submission was in his first pro fight back in
    2002 against Mike Pyle. In recent years, he had battled B.J. Penn, Georges St-Pierre, Demian Maia, Thiago Alves and others with strong submission ability and was never once in danger of being finished. He was only finished once in 18 UFC fights via knock out to Johny Hendricks.

    "I got knocked off balance with a punch or elbow I think he caught me with," said Fitch. "I went for the lift instead of fighting the choke. I got a little too overconfident with my choke defense and I was going to try to slam him but he locked it in too tight, a mistake on my part. I should have fought the choke right away."
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    Note to self, watch last nights fights before coming on here.......spoiler much:(
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    wow I also didnt think Fitch would have got choked out thats crazy

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