Flexibility + Strength in legs.

Discussion in 'Health, Fitness & Nutrition' started by Jovan, Oct 13, 2013.

  1. Jovan

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    I heard that if you train the strength in your legs your flexibility goes backwards.. Does any of you know what muscles you can train in your legs without losing flexibility? (excersices? :))
  3. RJ Clark

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    If you work full range of motion (proper form) for exercises such as squats you will actually improve your flexibility. I think more people "loose" flexibility from beginning weight lifting routines because they do too much initially and the soreness and lactic acid build up make it very uncomfortable to do their normal stretching routines. Ease yourself into leg/back workouts and focus on squats and deadlifts with two or three accessory exercises after. Absolutely don't worry about ego-boosting but mostly useless movements like hopping on the leg sled. Also, if you work on building/strengthening the calves don't neglect the muscles in the front of the lower leg (such as the tibialis anterior) by doing toe raising type exercises to keep the calves from "overpowering" the front of the lower leg and creating problems.
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  4. Jovan

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    Allright, thank you.
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    It's also worth noting if you want an easier time with your hamstrings (of which mine are a nightmare to stretch from years of long distance running without proper warmup/cooldown routines) it's worth making sure you stretch out your lower back and gluteals (arse) as well.

    If you can find a cheap class, personally I recommend taking up yoga. I did recently and it's doing me the world of good already!
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