Former Army boxing champion, 71, floors 6ft 4in thug half his age after being punched in the face

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    Former Army boxing champion, 71, floors 6ft 4in thug half his age after being punched in the face in attack

    PUBLISHED: 13:11 EST, 12 November 2012 | UPDATED: 13:11 EST, 12 November 2012
    A 6ft 4ins thug who attacked a man more than twice his age was left with a dislocated shoulder after the pensioner floored him with two right hooks.
    Former Army boxing champion John Cokeley said Mark Pearce 'picked on the wrong man'.
    The 71-year-old was at home watching TV in his slippers when he heard Pearce rowing with a neighbour.

    Former Army boxing champion John Cokeley, 71, floored Mark Pearce twice after the 34-year-old tried to attack the pensioner

    Mr Cokeley went outside and told Pearce to calm down when the 34-year-old punched him in the face, Exeter Crown Court heard.
    Pearce hit Mr Cokeley in the head, smashing his glasses and causing a black eye.
    But the pensioner, a professional welterweight undefeated in the Army, got to his feet and floored Pearce with a 'roundhouse blow'.

    Pearce managed to get up but Mr Cokeley, who is 5ft 10ins, floored him for a second time with a punch to the stomach.
    Mark Pearce, pictured leaving Exeter Crown Court in Devon, after being found guilty of causing actual bodily harm​
    Pearce denied causing actual bodily harm, claiming he was attacked by the ex-boxer and was acting in self-defence.

    But he was found guilty today and sentenced to a six month prison sentence suspended for two years.
    Pearce was also given a 12 month supervision order and ordered to pay £175 costs.
    Speaking after the hearing, Mr Cokeley, who served around the world in the Army from 1957 to 1968, said: 'It was 10.15pm and I was watching TV.
    'I could hear a lot of shouting outside and I realised it was coming from my friend’s home and he is not a well man so I went to have a look.
    'My friend was in the doorway and this man, who I hadn’t seen before, was shouting from about 12ft away.
    'He came over to me with his arms out and said "do you want to get involved?". He was shouting and swearing at me.
    'I told him I didn’t want to get involved, I just wanted some peace and quiet.That was when he hit me quite hard. He said "do you want some of this?".
    'I said no, I’m going to call the police and he hit me again. Then I thought enough is enough, so I threw out a right and he went down.
    'He ran back at me and I hit him a good hard blow in the side. He stayed down and then the police came.
    'I was in slippers and wearing glasses. It is hardly fighting gear. A fight was the last thing I wanted.

    'It is years since I was in a ring and I did not want to punch anyone unless I could not avoid it. He is a young man and 6ft 4in tall.
    'I may be quite small but I am very fit for my age and I guess you could say I am quite tough. He didn’t know who I was and I guess he picked on the wrong man.'
    Following the attack at a block of flats in Torquay, Devon, on April 25, Mr Cokeley was taken to hospital suffering a cut to the head.
    Pearce also needed hospital treatment for a dislocated shoulder.


    Former Army boxing champion John Cokeley, right, said Pearce, dressed in black on the left, 'picked on the wrong man'

    Mr Cokeley left his home in Torquay, Devon, after hearing shouting outside but when he tried to calm the row down he was attacked by Mark Pearce

    Recorder Brian Lett QC told Pearce it was 'a disgraceful incident' despite Mr Cokeley being 'remarkably fit for his age'.
    He said: 'He was able to call upon his professional training of many years to fight back. You assaulted him, the peacemaker, which I can only describe as serious.'
    Pearce told the court he was 'afraid' he was going to be injured by the ex boxer, despite his age and size.
    Pearce, of Paignton, Devon, was cleared of common assault on neighbour Robert Kell in the confrontation which led to the attack.
    Mr Cokeley added: 'I would like to see him get anger management because he could have caused the death of someone.'

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    You're putting up some good stuff, mister! Glad I have a rain day today to check it out...
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  4. Enkidu

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    Awesome stuff!!

    An acquaintance of mine out here in LA is a character actor in numerous movies who also happened to be a former boxer and a member of the SAS back in the late 1950s and early 1960s. About 10 years ago, some punk pulled a knife on him and demanded his wallet while he was stumbling drunk from one bar to the next. He pretended to reach for his wallet and them 1-punch KO'd the punk. The cops showed up and arrested the guy as he was coming to (it was actually on a well-traveled street just off of the Sunset Strip... what an idiot mugger). My friend was mostly annoyed that he had to talk to the cops instead of getting back to the bar to continue his bender.
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  5. RJ Clark

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    BS! You're telling me with all his training he didn't choose to fall to the ground to drive an elbow into the punk's foot?:LOL:
  6. Pedro

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    I just love theses old martial artists stories...hope that when I'm old I still be able to lift my legs to kick some thug's ass
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    I'm pleased the old guy knocked this asshole out. This story actually makes me sick though. A 6 month sentence suspended for two years is ridiculous. The spineless weasel went up to a 71 year old man and attacked him. In this instance, he got his come uppance, but 99% of the time that wouldn't have happened.

    So now we have someone who attacks pensioners back on the streets. I hope the reason he got put in prison is widely known when he gets there. I'm sure there will be some tough guys in prison who have some morals and will not like someone who tried to beat up an old man.

    What kind of person would punch a pensioner. Hope this old mans got kids or grandchildren who will deal with the guy appropriately.
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    :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: Don't forget about the butt hopping.
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  9. arron butler

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    Good job for the old man.My grandad would have been proud of him,as he boxed in the army too during the 2nd world war.
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  10. Gone

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    Fucking brilliant.

    Lesson to all of us big fellas - do not jut rely on size and strength. It is an easy trap to fall into.
    It might work on an untrained enemy, but against someone who is, or has been a serious fighter, it just won't work.

    Should have jobbed him a few more times.

    This is EXACTLY why I started martial arts.
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  11. MattCMMA

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    Technique overcomes size and strength 9 times out of 10.
  12. arron butler

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    this is true.just look at the size Bruce lee was,and now Jackie Chan,Jet Lee,JeanClaud Van Damme,they are all under 6'ft lol.But they all have skills in Martial Arts.
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