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Discussion in 'Capoeira' started by tyciol, Aug 4, 2015.

  1. tyciol

    tyciol Initiate

    Does anyone know any good video guides to follow to learn the basics of Capoeira? Like some good routines to develope the fitness attributes and teach the rhythm or agility? I realize the advanced stuff would benefit from the criticism of a tutor but am thinking it would be good to develope basic fitness in it before stepping there.

    I find many movies, not sure which is reliable or user friendly.
  3. Chaleira

    Chaleira Initiate

    The best way to develop fitness for capoeira is to just get in there and do it. Trust me when I say, no one will judge you ;) Trying to learn from videos before you go could possibly cause you to develop bad habits and incorrect techniques. Don't hesitate, just go check out a class if one is near! Good luck...
    And it would be great if you could post an update if you ever got around to checking out a class.... or if you ever found any good videos.

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