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  1. liam

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    Hows everyone doing today? My name is Liam, I have trained in Kenpo, BJJ, Escrima, JKD and other stuff. I am not real big on history and tradition, I do know it, I do respect it, I don't bash it, it's just don't care too much about it. My Professors, Grand Masters, and Instructors all teach their history and I learn it because they tell me to. Maybe one day when I grow up, i will find it important that some master trained in a temple somewhere and passed on his secrets to a select group of people a few hundred years ago. But until then, I just learn with my eyes and ears open. I am very interested in today. Who are the best martial artist and fighters today? What are some of the best systems of our time? What is important for our day and age? I cant get a kwan-do or get a decent full tang fighting sword, but i can get a good machete and a tomahawk, or a k-bar and a stick.

    I hope to learn from everyone here. Please don't take my remarks as hostile to traditionalist, i am far from it. Not everyone is one the same path and I know that. People search for different things in life, that is what makes this life so wonderful, we don't all have to drink the same kool-aid.
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  2. DeeD

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    Welcome Liam, Look forward to your input
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    Welcome to the forums, Liam.
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    Hello, :D
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    Welcome to the forum, Liam.
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    Thank you everyone, the warm and fuzzies are swimming in my tummy. jk thank you everyone.
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    (silverwares hammering the dining table) ...

    ... welcome to Black Belt Forums :)
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