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    It depends on the injuries. I don't do Krav, but I practiced Krav for a while. When my team and I spar, we always have to have gloves and mouthguards, we do full contact with punches and kicks, however knees and elbows, are only 50% power.
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    Hiya Steel Knee we do the same....full contact sparring involves getting properly kitted up, we even wear body armour too. But as I painfully found out,the armour only does so much....I remember back to when I first ever used body armour, I got a HUGE guy, the biggest in the gym to hit me in the stomach as hard as he could, hedid, I felt it......never asked anyone to do that ever again. Respects my new martial friend xXx
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    Any experience helps later on. Maybe when someone hits you in the stomach later on you wouldn't actually feel it because you felt something harder. I'm from Egypt, and we don't get much, if any good equipment here, so we go in with no kinds of armor on. I must say it does make us a lot tougher.
    Many greetings my fellow practitioner!
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    I do quite a lot of conditioning now I have learnd my lesson:eek: respects and love my new warrior friend. I look forward to reading your posts XXxxXX
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    Sparring gloves and foot pads, nothing else but control. All areas are open to contact as well as takedowns and sweeps.
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    In our Krav Maga classes we do full contact resistance drills with beginner students (minimum 1 month of training) and full contact sparring (similar to Kickboxing & MMA) with students who have minimum 3 monthes of training by our program. Here is some video of our pressure drill for beginers:

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