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Discussion in 'Self Defense' started by christina10001, May 6, 2014.

  1. christina10001

    christina10001 Initiate

    Are there any self-defense tactics I can use without receiving specialized training?
  3. Tuan

    Tuan Initiate

    Most humans seem to master the skill of biting without specialized training. But it's a tactic that requires commitment, a quality that folks who avoid effort often lack.
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  4. Judah

    Judah fights in tights

    Sprinting is a good self defence tactic which requires ok specialised training. Just lots of practice.
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  5. MI_martialist

    MI_martialist Initiate

    It is impossible to learn personal protection without any kind of specialized training.
  6. Bad Karma

    Bad Karma Warrior Monk

    It takes 43 muscles to frown and 17 to smile. But it only takes 3 for proper trigger squeeze.
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  7. Master of Nothing

    Master of Nothing Psychotic Pacifist

    Could you expand on the question? Not sure what exactly you mean. All fight training (self defense is fighting) requires you to train he neurons in the muscles, through repetition. Hence the phrase "Practice makes perfect.".
    Are you referring finding a different form of training different from you present martial arts training?
  8. Justin Chang

    Justin Chang Initiate

    I would caution against biting as a means of self defense unless you absolutely have no other choice. There are a lot of diseases you could contract from biting someone.
  9. nogibjjgear

    nogibjjgear Initiate

    The best way i believe to self defense without training is to use one of those pepper sprays and then run and don't look back?
  10. johnnewman

    johnnewman Initiate

    Try learning from the videos like in the quarantine days.
  11. johnnewman

    johnnewman Initiate

    let me know if you'd like to have any recommendations regarding this.
  12. johnnewman

    johnnewman Initiate

    You need to check out this article by elite sports for learning the warm-up.

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