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Discussion in 'Martial Arts Films & Videos' started by christina10001, May 6, 2014.

  1. christina10001

    christina10001 Initiate

    Hi every one, Can any one tell me some interesting martial arts films name..
  3. Animefreak1983

    Animefreak1983 Initiate

    Ip man 1 & 2 , chocolate , black belt , high kick girl , police story , operation thunder bolt , fearless , once upon a time in china , showlin , fist of legend , flash point , wheels on meals ,the protector , ong bak, azumi , never back down , the one , enter the dragon .

    Those are some of my favorites and must see if ya ask me.

    I also highly recommend the Bruce lee tv series .
  4. reedone816

    reedone816 Initiate

    Why not try the raid 1 and 2, also merantau, those three are silat.
    The grandmaster, truly epic movie on CMA philosophy.
    Kuro obi, great shotokan karate movie.
    Fighter in the wind, kyokusin movie.
    Red belt, a bjj movie.
    Man of tai chi and kung fu man, unique CMA movie.

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