Get Capoeira into UFC!

Discussion in 'Capoeira' started by Chaleira, Mar 19, 2016.


Capoeira in UFC/MMA would be:

  1. Great to see, at least for entertainment

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  2. Great to see, I think it could prove effective in many ways

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  3. Capoeira wasn't made for the ring/cage, but whatever

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  4. A waste of time and a joke

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  5. I haven't really thought about it and I stay neutral

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  6. What's Capoeira???

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  1. Chaleira

    Chaleira Initiate

    Yes Please!!! :)


    Your thoughts on this video?
  3. Bad Karma

    Bad Karma Warrior Monk

    One thing about a ring......There's always a ref and rules. Guess my definition of 'ultimate' , is different than others.
    But hey, it IS entertaining!
    Probably a big factor in why I stopped competing. What my muscle memory wanted to do was always out weighed by what I wasn't allowed to do.

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