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    Hey folks!

    So as I've mentioned in another thread I had some seizures recently, am on a permanent medication and am out of work due to it. This has given me time to get back to grips with training and getting in shape. I've decided to bring my level up and next year get my ass into some competition fighting.

    In this thread I'll be posting up my workouts and what training I'm doing daily. The posts will be copied up from my facebook page so if you like you can check it out on there too.

    Or just look me up direct (Craige Aaron Thompson, pic of me carrying my son on my back).

    Anyways there's going to be a load of posts up after this one.

    Any and all criticisms are welcomed to. Obviously we have a plethora of people with varying experiences here so I hope to draw from everyone and keep my training fresh, effective and varied.
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    So after a couple weeks of seizures and a bit of the usual soul searching/trying to be a good dad and partner to my awesome lady I've finally started to rehabilitate and get my physical self back to standard and beyond. Now obvious problems: severely pulled my back right between the shoulder blades having the seizures (quite violent myoclonic seizures) so no uber heavy lifting and STRICT form when doing any weights. So here was my first session back the other day (last Thursday I think it was memory is hazy from the new anti epilepsy meds). Continued.......

    [All sets of exercises are 10 reps each (With a couple of exceptions noted with the exercise]
    5 Minute Warmup on the rowing machine, taking it steady, rowed 1.07km followed with some easy light stretching.
    Shoulder Press (2 x 14kg Dumbbells) 3 Sets
    Lateral Shoulder Raise (2 x 6kg Dumbbells) 3 Sets
    Shrugs (Olympic Bar with 2 x 20kg Plates) 3 Sets
    Trapezius Raise (Olympic Bar with 2 x 7.5kg Per Side) 3 Sets
    Chest Press (Olympic Bar with 2 x 15kg Plates, Last Set 2 x 20kg Plates) 3 sets
    Chest Fly (2 x 14kg Dumbbells) 3 sets
    Hanging Wide Arm Pull Ups (1 Set of 8 reps, One of 6 and one of 5) 3 Sets
    Cable Lat Pull Downs (8.75kg per arms) 3 Sets per arm.
    Weighted Row Horizontal Grip (65kg) 3 Sets
    Bicep Curls [Cable Weight] (42kg) 3 Sets
    Bicep Curls Inverted Grip [Cable Weight] (25kg) 3 Sets
    Tricep Pulldown [Dual Grip Rope] (10kg) 3 Sets
    Tricep Pulldown [Single Arm Rope Grip] (5kg) 3 Sets
    Squat [Strict ass to grass form!] (Olympic Bar 2 x 15/20/25 plates increasing per set) 3 Sets
    Leg Press [1 quad set immediately flowing into a calf set] (2 sets at 115kg and last at 195kg) 3 sets each muscle group.
    1 Minute Sprint on the treadmill at 1% incline running at 23 km/h.
    Cooldown consisted of a light jog, stretching and then a gentle cycle ride home.
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    Attended fitness Yoga ( a Les Mills class I believe) for the first time 2 Fridays ago (should have been standard yoga but instructor was away so they had a fitness yoga instructor coaching), have to say my abs have never hurt so much the day after a workout! Attended last week as well and learned some yoga poses too. This coming Friday I'm told a proper yogi will be there doing standard yoga so I'm really looking forward to that. I'm hoping he can help with my recovery.

    Hit up Body Combat class (another Les Mills, how many classes does one company do!?) for the first time at Tipton Leisure Centre last Friday. I'd been before at the Sports Academy and loved it and thought now was a good time to get back into it. Absolutely crackered by the end of it. did the Body Combat straight after the Yoga and was wiped out! Great instructor, had a good chat about how you go about getting into Body Combat etc, found out he's a fellow Karateka (albeit Shotokan) Can't wait to smash it again this coming Friday. Was skeptical about trying what I thought was an aerobics class at first and in my first session walked in not expecting the challenge it was. The atmos is great and the workout is awesome (both Tipton Leisure and Tipton Sports Academy)! may hit up Tipton Sports Academy on Thursday for a session too. The woman who does that is insane (in a good way)! Really gets those sessions pumping and is very welcoming to all newcomers.

    *Apologies for initial lack of dates if anyone wanted them, I've only just really started recording stuff ^_^ *
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    Found out about a potentially funded fitness instructor level 2 course going on at Tipton College (next to Alexandra High). Going up on the 12th to have a look and see if I qualify and possibly enrol! It's 3 hours a day part time. Seems like a logical step in the right direction!

    Had 2 fantastic days in the Dojo yesterday and today. My dojo life suffered greatly when I got downgraded. Nothing quite takes the soul out of ya that to be demoted from 3rd Dan to 3rd kyu. Still, I paid utmost disrespect to a fellow instructor and friend and deserved what I got and now it's up to me to work me way back up. After getting my shodan (1st dan) back a lot of personal things happened in life and things moved very fast. I moved in with my missus, we had a child, I was made homeless, managed to get a house, build back up to a job, work said crap job for a year and get another equally crap job etc. Basically my karate (and don't even get me started on how my parkour waned, that is a story for a different time) was put on hold, quit, for around 2 and a half years. I got fat, my skills diminished and my ability to coach disappeared. Anyways I'm back training now and I have a lot of lost ground to cover. The weight is pretty much lost and my body is getting into a stronger, faster and better shape than before. I'm looking into possibly competing in some sort of open event next year if I am injury free and at a decent physical level. It's time I did something with all of this supposed 'potential' I have. I don't want to be someone that could have, I want to be someone that did, even if I try and fail, at least then I won't have regrets. Watch this space, I'm coming back folks. I'll make everyone who believed in me proud.

    Apologies for the bombardment of status updates, having a 3 week old sort of makes planning your time impossible. I'm just glad I have a supportive and awesome lady and we both do such a good job with our 2 sons (the other is right in the middle of his terrible 2s lol). Whoever you are and whatever you're doing training wise, keep it up and remember as long as you defeat the you of yesterday you'll never suffer defeat at the hands of anyone else tomorrow.
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    Today's session 04/07/2013

    Wasn't feeling my best today. Not surprising since I only got in about 6 hours sleep. Anyways, no excuses, got in the gym and gave it a good smashing!

    [All sets of exercises are 10 reps each (With a couple of exceptions noted with the exercise]
    5 Minute Warmup on the rowing machine, decent pace, rowed 1.2km followed with some easy light stretching.
    Pull Ups, Wide Arm [Bodyweight] (1 Set of 7, then 5, then 4)
    Bicep Curls [Cable] (35kg) 3 Sets
    Inverted Grip Bicep Curls [Cable] (1 set at 15kg, 2 at 20kg) 3 Sets
    Leg Press [Machine] (2 sets at 125kg, 1 at 195kg) 3 Sets
    Shoulder Press [Dumbbells] (2 x 14kg) 3 Sets
    Squat [Olympic Bar] (2 x 15kg Plates) 3 Sets
    Bench Press [Olympic Bar](2 Sets with 2 x 15kg Plates, 1 with 2 x 20kg Plates) 3 Sets
    Military 1 Set
    Wide Arm 1 Set
    Close Grip 1 Set
    Knuckles 6 reps
    Fingertip 5 reps
    Ab Exercises:
    Full Situps 1 Set
    Crunches 1 Set
    Twist Situps (elbow to knee with leg extension) 2 Sets, no break
    Butterfly Kicks 2 Sets, no break
    Plank 1 Minute
    Side Plank 30 Seconds Each Side
    14 Minute Run (1 Minute to get up to speed, 10 Minutes at 6.5mph, 3 minutes gradual slowing down at the end, 1% incline to reach 17m climbed).

    Not my best session, but not bad working within 1 hour and 20 minutes. Tomorrow I'll be hitting the bag at home, might get some photos if I get the opportunity.

    Whatever you're doing today folks, have a good one!
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    Hey folks!Today was a good day to ease myself back into working on my punchbag at home. After a quick restuffing and the removal of a bag of hardened clay (don't ask) my bag was feeling solid and good to go. Basically today I got my gloves on and decided to just go for repetitions of basic techniques whilst moving around the bag.

    Here's how it went:

    5 minute warm up, unload free techniques, nice and light, building in intensity and slowly stretching out the muscles dynamically.

    All techs were done around 50-60 times each and worked both sides and to varying heights. Also none of them were done from static, I was using constant footwork and moving round the bag. (Also apologies to anyone ready to kill me for not using Japanese terminology)

    Straight Jab Punch
    Front Kick
    Straight Cross Punch
    Roundhouse Kick
    Hook Punch (Effective Triangles!)
    Knee Strikes (Also included some roundhouse knee strikes as well)
    Close Range Vertical Fist Punches
    Side Thrust Kick
    Elbow Strikes

    15 Minutes free combination on the bag.

    Worked up a nice sweat and am looking forward to really upping the tempo on the next bag session! Hopefully I can get some photos/videos done too!

    Have a good one folks!
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    Here's something I never saw myself saying ever. I'm going to yoga in a bit. Actually miles harder than you'd realise but really good fun (or at least the fitness yoga I did the last 2 weeks was, this week the regular yogi is back). I'm then hitting up a Body Combat class straight after. I'm doing the relaxing stuff first and destroying myself afterwards.

    Hopefully this'll push that gremlin out my head that's been bugging me lately.

    Definitely mad.

    Catch you on the flipside folks!

    So my first pure yoga session. Hatha Yoga it's called. I bent, stretched and posed my way through a session and am proud to say I didn't do half bad! 2 things I've realised though. 1. I need to get a yoga mat because the ones at the gym are more dangerous than helpful. 2. Yoga is friggin AWESOME!

    It was a relaxed atmosphere, clear and easy to follow instruction. I almost completely fell asleep at the end is how much I'd relaxed.

    I then absolutely fudged up all of that relaxation with a Body Combat session! Flagged a bit on Capoeira section (my legs aren't made for slow mae geri EVER). Finished covered in sweat and smelling like a wookie. Actually struggled to get up off the floor because my sweat covered self slides around well on laminated dance studio flooring. Body Combat ever fails to completely batter me and put me in that endorphine zone where I stop feeling pain.

    Now for a relaxed weekend of recovery and probably copious amounts of Saints Row 4, baby sick and getting ordered around by my better half.

    Looking forward to getting back to the gym Monday and hitting the Dojo afterwards.

    Whatever you're doing this weekend, have a good one folks.
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    Today has been an interesting one folks! started off with a session down the gym. Was going for an endurance burn but not going all out due to wanting to be able to actual partake fully at the dojo later.
    My goal today was single sets on each muscle group of 50 reps. ALL reps were done slow and uber strict in a HIIT format. I couldn't manage my solid 50s on all sets and chopped and changed a tad bit during to get a bit of extra out of muscles I felt I'd neglected. So here's how it went!:

    Rowing warm up (3 minutes and quick light stretching)
    Curl and Press (2 x 12kg Dumbbells)
    Full Situps (Fast up, slow down)
    Squats (Holding 20kg Powerbag)
    Chest Press (Fixed Machine 35kg)
    Lat Pull Downs (Cable Machine Wide Grip did 10 at 40kg and 40 at 33kg)
    Tricep Rope Pull Downs (5kg UBER SLOW)
    Shoulder Press (Shoulders went to bits here; 5 sets of 8 reps each, 1st set at 2 x 8kg Dumbbells and the rest at 2 x 6kg Dumbbells)
    Flat Chest Press (Olympic Bar 2x10kg Plates; 1 set of 15 reps, 1 set of 10 reps)
    Bicep Curls (Cable 20kg)
    5 Minute Jog (2% incline at 8mph)
    5 Minute Cooldown on Crosstrainer (Light stretching after)

    As if that wasn't enough, today my missus has started the Jillian Micheal's 30 day shred, in preparation to hit The Insanity workout after. Now I'm highly sceptical of these exercise fads etc. but have decided to support Katie through it and do her sessions with her. So I made space in the living room and we both did a 20 minute level 1 of the workout. Not a mega burner, but I was sweating and it worked the abs well enough. It was also very thorough and targeted an even amount of the body. I think Katie is going to benefit from it massively over the 30 days and it will set her up well.

    Then later in the day came the mega session. The Dojo. My enthusiasm in the Dojo had been flagging of late and I've really had to try and force myself to go. Was insanely glad I did today. spent the majority of the lesson doing some old school Black Belt syllabus Renraku Waza (Combination Techniques). I Sweat my nadgers off for a solid hour and a quarter easily with no stopping. Was superb. Hit the kata after and despite my lack of attendance and training I didn't do as bad as I thought I would! Also got brought up to speed on some kata performance (namely the start of any kata performance) and on the execution of a couple kata I had mistakes on. I friggin loved it all! I have a long way to go to get back up to the standard I had before but I'll get there and beyond. Can't wait for the next one!
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    Today I took it easy during the day. Body was giving me grief from the massive increase in stress I've put on it lately. Supported Katie with her Jillian Michaels workout and hti the dojo after.

    Had an amazing Dojo session! Was left to my own devices today, decided to brush and start catching up on my weakest and most neglected area, kata. Managed to run through all my known kata. Managed to work the corrections I'd missed into my JuRoku with help from everyone; remembered Geki Sai Dai Ichi and got that a bit more refined with the help of Sensei Paskin who also helped me with Wanshu and Matsamura Bassai especially. I was proud of being able to remember Supaempei most of all. Gonna have to work one of my cardio days in the future now on kata practice. Maybe have one cardio day as a bag day and another as a renraku and kata day?

    Coming up to the point now where I'll be formally planning my weeks workouts and what I'll be doing in each session (I'll be posting those up on here too along with the photos and videos I've promised ;D).

    Today I felt like a black belt again after such a long time. It's different now though. At my core I feel like I've changed fundamentally in some way. Not sure how. I still love fighting, still love the challenge, the sweat. Maybe I'm starting to understand Katsujinken over Setsuninto? Or even the balance in between. Sorry to any non martial artists reading this, sort of on a high from endorphins and martial arts awesomeness. On a side note, can't wait for my next sparring or grappling session, haven't even given 50% in the last sessions I've done. Ready to kick it up a notch now!

    *This was my update from yesterday so from now on it should be day by day*
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    September 11th. First and foremost we'll never forget. I had just got home from school and my mate phoned me telling me to put 'Any American news channel on!' on sky. What I saw, though I hadn't realised it at the time was one of the biggest atrocities and turning points to the world in modern times. To all those lost, whether at the time or from the war; we may never feel your pain, or loss but we'll always remember.

    September 11th Power and Heavy Cardio Session.

    So today I decided I'd go for something a little different (again).
    I wanted to try and emulate in some way the fatigue felt by competition fighters when they're in combat. So I devised a session that basically had me running loads and burning the hell out of muscles!

    I did a single set of whatever weight based exercise. I was hitting at probably 70% of my normal 3 set max weight and just going until the muscle wouldn't do it any more. Then I did fast runs on a treadmill at 10mph for 2 minutes (2 and a half if you include the time it takes for the treadmill to speed up) with a minute rest until the next weighted set. As usual all sets were done with strictest form. So here's how it went:

    Light jog warmup and stretch.
    Jogging (10 minutes 6mph)
    Seated Rows (Cable Machine 57kg 24 reps)
    Fast Run (2 Minutes)
    Bicep Curls (Cable Machine 42kg 22 reps)
    Fast Run (2 Minutes)
    Dumbbel Chest Press (2 x 16kg 30 reps)
    Fast Run (2 Minutes)
    Lat Pull Downs (Cable Machine 60kg 16 reps)
    Fast Run (2 Minutes)
    Shoulder Press (Fixed LA Fitness Machine Vertical Grip 40kg 11 1/2 reps)
    Fast Run (2 Minutes)
    Tricep Rope Pulldowns (12.5kg 17 reps)
    Fast Run (2 Minutes)
    Ab Crunch (Cable Weight 24kg 15 reps)
    Fast Run (Only Managed 1 Minute on this one, hit the wall)
    Powerbag Deadlift (25kg Powerbag 23 reps)
    Fast Run (2 Minutes)
    Jogging (10 Minutes 6 mph)
    Stretch out to finish.

    I could barely ride my bike home.
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    The dreaded Friday the 13th!!! DUNDUNDUUUUUUUUUNNNNN!!!! (Friday 13th September)

    I had every intention of hitting the bag like a monster today but unfortunately nature (it was hammering down with rain most of the day) and the dentist scuppered my plans a bit. Basically had the first stage of a root filling done on one of my molars (drilled out, both nerves killed and a temp filling put in). Then I was out and about with the missus (counting her as a force of nature of course) , not getting back in til about 1700ish.

    So anyway I hit the Yoga and Body Combat at Tipton Leisure Centre (which has become my second home lol).

    Yoga was good, relaxing and bendy. My postures were better and I feel like I'm getting a little more flex with each session. I need a yoga mat though, the spongy crap mini mats at the gym are shocking, ended up being on hard floor for a lot of postures and/or slipping around a bit.

    Body Combat was punishing as usual. Went in my K-Swiss Tubes since my Nikes were wet. BIG mistake. Slid around the floor on some bits and ended up chucking the trainers off. Barefoot was definitely the way to go, wish I could get some Vibrams. The session was awesome, energetic as usual and great atmosphere. When I feel a bit more up to it, I might start hitting the extra Combat session on a Sunday (the woman who does that completely annihilates abs in every session!).

    As usual at the leisure centre the staff are ace, polite and give a good, energetic and happy vibe to the place.

    Still reeling from not being able to get on my instructors course. But I do have 3 weeks to find the money to get on it. Keep your fingers, toes and everything crossed guys.

    Have good weekend dudes and dudettes!
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    16th September

    Nothing much to report today. Was given a gracious lie in by the missus because the combination of sleep deprivation and these funky anti-epilepsy meds has really been knocking me about.

    Spent most of the day unwinding and taking in an extra bit of rest. At the dojo I was coaching the lower grades so I didn't do anything strenuous there either. Fairly uneventful there. The folks I coached did well, I was fairly happy with everything the did across the board (mainly focused on renraku waza and kata today). Very difficult to coach such a split age group though. In fact having someone as young as 4/5 and then someone else at 30+ is downright impossible to keep a handle on (anyone who's tried coaching in primary schools will know how much attention children demand when it comes to coaching). Must remember to mention that tomorrow.

    Anyways tomorrow I'm jumping on my bike and heading up to oldbury to have a look at the new SLT Portway Lifestyle Centre. Should be a good bit of cycling. Then hitting the dojo again for hopefully a more energetic session.

    Hope you all had a good Monday folks!
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    17th September.

    Went on a cycling adventure today with my cousin. Was intending to cycle to Oldbury to the SLT's new Portway Lifestyle Centre for a preview tour (approx 4.5 miles from my home). To say we got lost is an understatement. What should have been a 9 mile round trip turned into a 16 or so mile round trip. Oh and we had the very best of the beautiful British weather (absolutely pouring down with rain!). We were also cycling the majority of the way via canal routes so got covered in layers of mud. Anyways, that aside, good cardio and a great adventure, even if we never actually found out destination!

    Then came the evening dojo session after a well deserved shower and shave. Coaching for the entire session. Absolutely hacked off with my performance as a coach to be honest. I dunno whether it's the medication or just the plain fact I haven't had the opportunity to properly train any of my techniques for going on well over a year but I was all over the place. My explanations were unacceptable (to the standard I'm used to being at) and my general ability was poor (to what I know it should be). Dunno what I'm supposed to do about that to be honest, not exactly in a position where my training is that important anymore to the dojo as a whole. My ability to strike and such is still sound. As for fighting, haven't done any in years (haven't even had a good spar for well over a year either).

    I dunno, probably the meds talking after a crappy session. I just hope I haven't let the students down I was supposed to teach.
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    It would appear that cycling around aimlessly in rain and cold and later on only sleeping for 5 hours is a cocktail for disaster. Feeling rough as hell today so my planned training session has gone out the window and I'm staying home and feeling sorry for myself.

    Seriously though, coupled with the anti-epilepsy meds I've been dragging my feet around all morning feeling not quite right. Any trip to West Bromwich and Dudley in the same day is enough to destroy any man on his best day regardless.

    I've downed some honey for my throat and will do so again later with some camp coffee (iced). I'll hammer some vit C down too to help everything and pull me together for a solid session tomorrow.

    Gonna drag my ass in to the gym Saturday now too so I can make up for slacking today.

    Hope you aint feeling this rough folks, take care!

    (18th September)
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    19th Sep

    Woke up, legs like jelly and head pounding. Safe to say gym was off the cards today.

    Side not I'm forcing myself out tomorrow regardless since I have an early dentist appointment and I'm gonna be in 'angry-I've-had-my-face-jabbed-with-needles-and-drilled-and-now-It's-worn-off-I-want-to-destroy-everything-especially-slow-moving-old-people-in-supermarkets-chavs-and-anyone-who-generally-feels-my-day-should-be-made-more-difficult' mood. All in all this should make for effective training, provided I can remain calm enough at yoga. Gonna be beasting a session Saturday morning at the gym to make up for sessions lost. Oh yeah and I'm actually gonna get to the Portway Centre tomorrow for my tour now my phone is back in action and can GPS direct me there!

    Have a good one folks. If you see a rabid looking slurring, dribbling whirlwind on a bicycle tomorrow, please, steer clear :)
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    22nd Sep

    In spite of the fiery attitude I may have had on the 19th my body decided to step and make it so I was not doing anything other than sweating and wobbling at the knees on the day after. I didn't get to make the Portway Centre, didn't get my Yoga and Body Combat sessions in and only just managed to make a shopping trip to Asda. Good news is I can now chew properly on the right side of my face now no matter what the temperature or consistency of the food! I am a consumption machine yet again!

    Anyways was intent on a gym session yesterday to make up for all my slacking this week and didn't make it. I did however get a workout of a different nature. I shoveled and shifted 3 tonnes of gravel to cover my nans front garden. I shoveled and shifted all the gravel in just over 2 hours. Not bad for someone on the arse end of a virus I'd say! Did a bit of 'exercising' with my son too when I got home. We watched Lazy Town and tried to copy Sportacus' exercises (I had to give up after one armed pushups, I can't hop up off the floor and clap behind my back or do one handed with me dropping forearm flat to ground then back up!).

    Anyways, on to today. Still a bit shaky but decided to take advantage and have a bit of mid/light freestyle on the punchbag. I did okay with my arms but have become aware that my knee still hasn't recovered from my spectacular sideflip bail and I can't throw yoko geri kekomi against a resistant target yet. Also a punchbag full of wet dense cloth and building sand is really hard when you kick it! Is good stuff though, I can't wait to have a proper session on it next week now, feels awesome to hit without it flying everywhere.

    Got my better half taking a couple photos and videos so you can all have a look! I'll upload the photos in a moment and I've created a youtube channel for my vids so I'll put all the links and vids up etc.
  18. Void_Karateka

    Void_Karateka Pauper Karateka

    About to upload a stack of photos apologies in advance if it all offends your eyes :eek:

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    And now it's time for the videos :devil:

    I hope these upload right :)

    Vid 1

    Vid 2

    Vid 3

    Vid 4

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    24th September (1)

    Just been on the bag, had a good sweat out. Bit heavier and more composed than last one. Yoko geri and ushiro geri are still dire. Really changes the game when applying against a resistant, heavy target. 3 Vids to go up in a moment. 1st 2 are of the training (took a 2 minute break half way through), 3rd is of my son and me having a little play on the bag. 2nd vid is not broken at the end btw, my camera (phone) fell over lol.

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    24th September 2013

    I have shed blood and sweat for a long time in my dojo on the mats. Never once from being poked in the eyes, punched in the face or generally beaten around have my tears touched a single one of those mats. Until today. Today I regained something that I thought I'd never have again, the respect and trust of two people I regard as being key figureheads in my life and people I looked up to since my teens.The manner in which I was spoken and the (there is no other words for it) speech that was given at the end of todays dojo session destroyed any emotional stonewall I could have built. I gritted my teeth and clenched my fists. I forced myself to gulp, never cried but the tears came anyway. I felt them fall off my chin, I saw them on the mats. I punished myself for a long time doubted constantly but still kept going back. Something kept pulling me back. And even though those mats have had my blood, sweat and tears now I am never going to doubt whether I can give them more. I will ALWAYS give them more. All I have left to say is domo arigato gozaimashita. Onegaishimasu!

    My last post may have been very obscure so let's cut to the training session and I'll explain after. The dojo today was a FANTASTIC (yes so good it's in caps) session. Non stop sweat dripping off my newly trimmed head AWESOME (there I go again with those caps). Mainly just up and down renraku waza basics, but done fast, sharp with kimae, zanshin, and all out big brass balls! There was a bit of applied partner work after which was also awesome, got to train with a student I hadn't trained with before which is always good (looking forward to seeing them progress even more in future) and a bit of kata at the end.

    The end of the lesson came early and my instructors entered into a bit of a speech which I had assumed was stemmed from a previous discussion about etiquette within the dojo, especially within any Okinawan koryu (a subject I have great personal experience of). I'll cut a long story short and stop myself sobbing over my keyboard. Basically I have done my time for my past altercations in the dojo (as a much less experienced and immature person) and have been re awarded my 3rd Dan status and Menkyo Chuden. Needless to say whatever fire was burning has now been turned into an inferno and you're gonna be seeing some next level training from me from here on out.
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