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    Hi folks! Sorry for the lack of posts, a lot has been happening since Tuesday. Firstly my throat is hoarse from all the kiai at the Dojo Tuesday and secondly that virus had hit me harder than I thought.

    I was feeling rough as hell Wednesday when I got up. More than I should have even after the intense Karate session so I decided to listen to my body and take it easy and rest up a day.

    Thursday I was planning on hitting the gym. But was called upon by my nan to do some intense gardening ready for some some more gravel shoveling next week. Basically spent 31/2 hours non stop turning, raking and weeding through my Nan's huge back garden. Carrying bricks and large chunks of concrete about and weeding were all in there too. It was a shirt off dripping in sweat job. but it's all sorted. By the amount of space I had to work I'm probably looking at about 5/6 tonnes of pea gravel to shovel next time. Should be a good workout!

    Yesterday I felt the virus was fully out the way and decided to get back to normal and hit my Yoga and Body Combat Classes. The yoga is getting easier and I'm learning to really control my breathing and relax when flexing now. Think I'm starting to get the hang of it anyway!

    Body combat was solid as usual. Didn't stop moving for almost a solid hour and I was almost going flat out towards the end just to make it count. Got really bad stitch and it just served to give me the aggression to push even more. Can't wait for Monday to roll round now and carry on as normal!

    Have a good weekend folks!

    On a side note, if there's still anyone reading this, please chime in if there's anything you'd like to see training wise either in pics or vids. Don't mind doing the odd kata (though not a speciality) or even attempting ridiculous challenges (my current one being to do a one arm, one leg pushup that I saw Sportacus do in Lazy Town). Your input is important to me guys so chime in, criticise, and lend me your experience as and when you can! :)
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    Check out
    Very nice reference to body weight conditioning in order to get you to the one arm push up, one leg squat, etc. Might help you on your journey to one arm and one leg push up.

    Congrats on your achievements, and keep going!
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    Thanks for the pointer. After reading the reviews I've gotta get my hands on this! A one arm handstand pushup? Now THAT is a challenge to go for. Pistol Squats I can already do (parkour training 101, learn to pistol squat whilst balancing on a rail) but everything else I can definitely work on. Watch this space, time to take it to the extreme zone!
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    Void_Karateka Pauper Karateka

    Today was all about hitting the Dojo. Poor turn out but an ok session nonetheless. Was instructed to instruct prospective Shodan on various techniques. Managed to run through a few variations of 3 core techniques. Hacked off doesn't even come close to how I feel about the time wasted. Today I honestly wished I'd stayed at home and enjoyed putting my little lad to bed and reading him a story or something productive like that. I got nothing as a student and very little as an instructor out of today. It was a mess. Anyways tomorrow is another day so I look forward to a better session.

    Shoveling loads of pea gravel tomorrow so I'll get a solid workout in beforehand. Hopefully it won't start raining as soon as I start working. I much prefer getting soaked from sweat than precipitation.

    Dojo aside the rest of my day has been productive. I have submitted my application to the Sandwell Young Entrepreneurs Scheme to hopefully get a rent free premises for a year to start up my own business. Obviously mine will be a martial arts, parkour and fitness based centre. Fingers crossed my idea and rough business draft are liked and I can get the startup!

    Keep fingers and toes crossed guys, have a good evening.
  5. Void_Karateka

    Void_Karateka Pauper Karateka

    Today was demanding, shoveled 4 tonnes of pea gravel to cover a huge amount of space in my nan's garden (pics on my personal FB page). It seems to have riled my back up a bit but nothing that will stop me hitting the gym tomorrow. Intending on getting some gym footage at some point but at the place I currently train there's a strict no video or photo rule (the gym overlooks a swimming pool which is used by youngsters which I think is the reason, I have been meaning to ask actually) so I may have to find somewhere that has the equipment I need and allows filming.. Anyway, I did a lot of shoveling and pushing the wheelbarrow around. Plenty of raking involved too. By midday I was flagging a bit and was rescued by my aunt bringing me what can only be described as the cob from which all cobs are born from. It was a daddy cob, big as my face and fatter than my fist. I had to squash it down to get my mouth round it (it was full of ham if anyone's interested in the filling). Normally I'd steer clear of such a large amount of white bread but I was ravenous and it was just too tasty looking. Taking out the time it took me to supervise and change dirty nappies from my son and eat my megacob I spent about 4 hours almost solid shoveling and shifting gravel. Not bad time really for the amount of ground I covered.

    Job was done well and I did a hefty bit of cycling to do an Asda trip for the mother in law with Mini spartan (Darren) in tow. We covered about 3 miles total but pretty much all incline. Was a good little burner for the legs.

    The dojo was cool. Was mainly working with a prospective Shodan (Hannah Rodway) working primarily on nage waza leading up to her grading which is in a few months time. Despite a few mistakes here and there and a tiny bit of faffing she did well and I had some seriously sore wrists from some solid techniques. Personally was hoping for a bigger turnout so there'd be more of that energetic atmosphere we had last week but even so the few of us there all were working hard and it was an incredibly fun and relaxed session. Great coaching from, Nathan Westwood, Robert Reeves and Rachel Harris (as well as a particularly solid kote gaeshi from Rach). Can't wait to be back in on Monday, really want to get working on my techniques and bringing back up to scratch a few things but all in all very happy at the moment with how things are going.

    Hope you've all had a good one folks and shaken off that Monday feeling!
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    Finally after putting it off from illness and doing other things for folks I got my arse back in the gy today and hit my newly planned beast session. I was on a time limit because of personal stuff but I had a solid hour and a half to work out and get a shower, so that's what I did. Here's how it went.

    *confused about using cable machines; all weight stacks have a sticker on the top saying 'number shown on weight plates represents resistance on each arm' so I'm actually not sure I'm giving correct information on the weights I'm doing. I will double check tomorrow however.*

    All weights were done as 2 sets of 15 reps. All fast runs are a 30 second build up to 10mph then 10mph for 2 minutes with no slow downs.

    After the runs it was a short rest and then into next weight set.

    10 minute jog and yogic sun salutations for my warmup
    Dumbbell chest press (2x18kg Dumbbells)
    Fast run
    Hammer curl (2x16kg Dumbbells)
    Bicep cable curl (42kg)
    Fast run
    Shoulder press, fixed machine (1set of 25kg, 1 set of 35 kg)
    Shoulder raises (2x8kg Dumbbells)
    Fast run
    Tricep cable/bar pushdown (45kg)
    Tricep rope pull down (7.5 kg)
    Fast run
    Seated cable row (50kg)
    Lat cable pulldowns (40kg)
    Fast run
    Bicycle sit ups (x20)
    Crunches (x10)
    Sit ups (x10)
    Plank 1 minute
    Quick stretch out

    I was sweating heavily and my heart felt like it was gonna burst out my chest on those last runs but I managed to get a lot done. My intended session would have had included (after lat cable pulldowns):

    Deadlift (Olympic Bar, 2 x 25kg Plates)
    Back extension (Bodyweight)
    Fast run
    The 4 ab exercises mentioned above
    Fast run
    Hamstring curl, machine (No set weight, find out what my limit is)
    Squat (Olympic Bar, 2 x 25kg Plates)
    Leg press, machine (100kg)
    Calf raises (2x25kg Dumbbells)
    10 minutes jogging
    Extensive yogic type stretches after for 10 minutes.

    I'll be including those in tomorrow's session all being well

    Hope you've had a good one folks!
  7. Void_Karateka

    Void_Karateka Pauper Karateka

    Here's my gym session from this morning in it's full. I was an incoherent sweaty mess by the end of it and in need of FOOD! I hadn't had any breakfast and all I'd put in my body all morning was coffee, water, a clobazam (anti epilepsy med) and a Trebor extra strong mint. Here's the session:

    All weights done for 2 sets of 15 reps with short (less than a minute) rest period in between each set. All fast runs were done at 10mph on a treadmill. It took 30 seconds to get up to speed and then I carried on at 10mph for 2 minutes (apart from a couple runs near the end).

    Jogging 10 mins and yogic style stretching for the warmup

    Chest Press (Olympic Bar and 2 x 15kg Plates)
    Dumbbell Flies (2 x 14kg Dumbbells)
    Fast Run
    Bicep Cable Curl (35kg)
    Hammer Curl (2 x 12 kg Dumbbells)
    Fast Run
    Shoulder Press (Fixed Machine 25kg)
    Shoulder Front Raises (2 x 8kg Dumbbells)
    Fast Run
    Tricep Cable Pull Down (1 set at 35kg, 1 at 42 and then 5 reps at 63)
    Tricep Rope Pullout [Bit like a weighted Yoi Dachi] (7.5kg)
    Fast Run (1 Minute)
    Seated Cable Row (40kg)
    Lat Pulldown (40kg)
    Fast Run (1 Minute)
    Dead Lift (Olympic Bar, 2 x 25kg Plates)
    Back Extensions (Bodyweight)
    Fast Run (1 Minute)
    Bicycle Situps (10 Each Side, total 20)
    Crunches (20)
    Situps (20)
    Fast Run (Back to 2 Minutes)
    Hamstring Curls (Machine, 35kg)
    Squats (Olympic Bar, 2 x 15kg Plates)
    Leg Press (Machine, 100kg)
    Calf Raise (Holding 2 x 26kg Dumbbells)

    Jogging 5 minutes and extensive full body yogic stretching after


    And then the dojo after. Today has been a beastly day for training.

    Got home, hammered a load of chunks (literally) off a load of frozen cod and got it grilled and had a handful of boiled rice with it.

    Can't wait for the dojo tomorrow. Can't wait for my next sparring or groudndwork session even more! I'm looking forward to seeing how my increase in fitness, strength and endurance has helped my overall game.
  8. Void_Karateka

    Void_Karateka Pauper Karateka

    Dojo was fantastic today! Ran through some good wrist work and almost got thoroughly broke by Nathan Westwood. Then Sensei Andy 'Dood' Paskin got us doing some fast and sharp kihon ippon work which was ace. The tempo and pace was kept high and everyone worked really hard. Got the Guides there next week so should be an interesting self defence seminar.

    Hope you've all had a good one folks!
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    I sa;ute u keep it uo

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