Gi for Judo and Brazillian Jiu Jitsu?

Discussion in 'Training Gear' started by Midnight_Omni, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. Midnight_Omni

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    Hello everyone I was just wondering if it would be a good idea to buy a single general purpose gi for both Judo and BJJ training, or should I buy two seperate gi's for each art? Also do you think an instructor would be upset about me not buying the guy from him and his supplier?

    Also what should I be looking for in a gi? I've only recently gotten into grappling so I've never had to look for this kind of uniform.

    Thanks in advance for the help.
  3. Dave76

    Dave76 Deheuol Gwyn Dragon

    Judo gi's are fitted smaller than BJJ gi's. Shorter on the arms and legs. Allthough you may get away with it for the occassional BJJ training, I think most schools would want you in a properly fitted gi, else it would be unfair to the people your training with.
    There are 100's of brands out there nowdays, but if your looking for something you can compete in aswell as train, then I would check out

    Their anti grip, slip weave technolagy is hands down the hardest gi's to get a grip on and keep it. I'm surprised they have'nt been banned to be honest, they are that slippery.
    Don't know for Judo sorry, not my game:)
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  4. RJ Clark

    RJ Clark Tree Ninja Staff Member

    The main difference is in the sleeves - Judo uwagi sleeves are typically longer (than a Ju Jitsu gi) and have more fabric at the wrist area/wider cuff. A Ju Jitsu gi could be considered closer to "street" clothing because of the cut, and if you have to wear a gi to train my personal preference is a Ju Jitsu gi for that reason and general comfort. To be truly technical if you rise to enter higher level Judo comps you may need to invest in a Judo gi to be in compliance with the rules, but starting out you should be OK with either type.
    The only reason to buy thru' your instructor is if they get a school discount (which they should) and that savings is passed on to you. If they get a discount but charge you full price to pocket the difference that's shady bullshit to put it bluntly, then go buy your gi on your own.
    NOTE: Dave, I think you may have switched the regulations in your head - Judo sleeves and pants may not be more than 5 cm above the wrist and ankle. Also, there has to be at least 10 cm of space between the jacket sleeves and arms and the same for the legs to be a real stickler for the rules.
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  5. Eric M. Miller

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    i always double gi. good if one is still in da washer :D
  6. Caneman

    Caneman Test all things.

    Depends on if your school cares... or schools.
    Here are some of the things you many want:
    14 oz. material or higher
    double weave, though single can be fine
    rip-stop, is a plus

    Personally, I just went to a canvas top (categorized as super heavy weight)... but I did so because I could find a traditional TSD pattern in it, and it was way cheaper than a standard high quality BJJ style top that was pimping fancy colors and designer names all over it... for 3x the price.
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  7. Caneman

    Caneman Test all things.

    Dude? What does that mean?
  8. RJ Clark

    RJ Clark Tree Ninja Staff Member

    haha! This is only about wearing the same uniform to have, umm, uniform advantages and disadvantages for each person rolling. But it's also a reason why I don't have students spend a lot of time in their gi, or more specifically their uwagi. I don't want much of their grappling skills relying on any piece of clothing. The majority of the time in a gi is spent learning to defend submissions that rely on it, unless someone is going to pursue promotion in Judo or gi submission grappling.
  9. RJ Clark

    RJ Clark Tree Ninja Staff Member

    I absolutely hate the billboard gi trend. I have an old Woldorf heavyweight uwagi that has a small logo embroidered on one sleeve and a flag strip/epaulet about 1.5" wide on each shoulder to the neck that consists of the US, Brazilian, and Japanese flags to represent the Judo and Ju Jitsu sources/influences. Other than that there's nothing else on it. I'm still hesitant to even add patches to it - I have another "formal" uwagi with full regalia so I'll probably leave the Woldorf alone as my practical/utilitarian.
  10. Caneman

    Caneman Test all things.

    Yes, I was HALF kidding. I guess being from Florida... our focus frequently deals with basically no-shirt methods... along with the "whatever the circumstance" conditions... hence the comment.
    The one month of "winter" we have here, and all...
  11. Dave76

    Dave76 Deheuol Gwyn Dragon

    I was thinking more from the sporting side of BJJ.
    To short a gi, fitted to tightly is far more difficult to execute gi chokes with, or simply holding their gi at the wrists is harder in that being closer up to the forearm it's a lot tighter to grab and easier for them to twist free with. If your gi is fitted propaly and they can execute these techniques on you, but you are unable to on them because their gi is just to snug, the rules state that that's an unfair advantage.

    IBJJF Regulations

    8.1.5 - The gi top should reach the athlete’s thigh and the sleeves should come to no more than 5 cm from the athlete’s wrist when the arm is extended straight parallel to the ground.

    8.1.6 - Gi pants should reach no more than 5 cm above the tibial malleolus (ankle bone). Wearing pants of any kind under gi pants is prohibited.
    It appears then, that the regs are the same!
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  12. RJ Clark

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  13. Caneman

    Caneman Test all things.

    Right Dave... I was just being a smart alec...
    As in "what rules?" and how could rules apply to BJJ, being the pinnacle of combat superiority, and all... LOL.
    Again, you know I jest.
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  14. nogibjjgear

    nogibjjgear Initiate

    Where are you getting the gear from? I have looking for an online store to order gi and found a couple. I like the stuff that nogibjjgear has so has anyone tried nogibjjgear? Do they deliver on time? Also if anyone can suggest me a place to get the good quality gear from. It would be really helpful!
  15. Ollie Grimes

    Ollie Grimes Initiate

    Judo gi's are shorter on the arms and legs. So it is better to buy Judo GI and BJJ GI separately. It will be better. But you can buy one Gi for BJJ and use it for both arts.

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